The blogger showed how to look like a flat booty as good as Kardashian

And why you can not believe the photos on Instagram.

Psychologists have already figured out: the more often we look through the tape in social networks, the lower our self-esteem. Here we are looking at the ideal pieces on Instagram, then on ourselves, then on Instagram again. And the mood tends to zero. And many specifically subscribe to "fitons" for motivation. Instead, sheer frustration. Although the models themselves in real life are often far from ideal. And it's not even in Photoshop.

“Imagine a girl worse than two times than on a photo on Instagram,” said blogger Ekaterina Pozdeeva, who in her account exposes the “installations” of stars. - No need to find your ideals on Instagram. Every second asterisk with a bunch of subscribers knows their perspectives and knows how to handle mobile photoshop. Do not idealize them, love yourself and be an example. ”

The phrase “love yourself” for Katy herself is not an empty sound. Once she herself suffered from excess weight.And lost weight only when I learned to accept myself.

“At the age of 15 I started weightlifting and from 49 kg I recovered in a year to 69 kg. I was a teenager, and when I studied with heavy weight, my weight grew very well. But at the same time, fat also grew. ”

Then there were hard diets and breakdowns. The scale arrow then fell slightly, then flew up again. Finally, Katya calmed down, and this helped her to find the perfect body.

“The most important secret is psychological calm, balance, self-acceptance. I came to the conclusion that you should not chase after the ideal, you must live and be here and now. ”

Katya teaches this to her subscribers, clearly showing that an Instagram photo is a lie, and that even with a flat booty, you can get in the picture, like Kim Kardashian. Here are the secrets of Kati.

How to make bulging buttocks

1. Crouch well.

2. Stand in a pose with a half-side, so that the waist visually appears thinner.

3. How should bulging the buttocks closer to the camera.

4. Your posture should be in the shape of the letter S, and not in the form of I.

How to make a photo in a bathing suit

1. Extend your legs. If you are taking pictures at full height, you need to take a view from the bottom, so your legs will be visually longer. Do not slouch. Do not overdo it with chest protrusion forward, find the middle ground. Shine.Try to take a photo in clear light without shadows, so as not to give out all the irregularities of your body or not to create them unnecessarily4. Swimsuit! It is very important that he was your size in size, well-fitting.

If you still have bad photos

Prepared prepositions often do not work. Then just relax and start moving naturally. Do not stand in poses, but imitate activities.

But a vivid examples of a blogger, how a good angle changes the shape.

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