A 13-year-old teen built his own mini house in the backyard.

Most high school students do anything, but not build houses. But Luke Till from Dabuk, Iowa surprised not only his peers, but all his neighbors in the yard. A 13-year-old boy built his own home in the backyard of his parent. The whole project cost him a half thousand dollars, and now Luke lives in his tiny cottage, which he had long dreamed of.

As Luke explains on his YouTube channel, his desire to build a house arose from the fact that he was just bored last summer.

During the year, Luke collected materials and money needed to build a house. To make money, the teenager mowed the lawns, started fundraising on the Internet, and carried out orders for everyone who needed help next door. For example, a familiar electrician spent electricity in the house of Luke in exchange for the fact that he cleaned up in his garage.
Luke used about 75 percent of the used materials, many of which were left from his grandmother’s house. The front door of the house was a gift from a friend of his uncle.

In a small house of 8 square meters there is no water and plumbing, but there is already electricity.

Certainly Luke is helped with the construction of his parents. His father Greg believes that such a dream is much better than games in the console or correspondence in social networks. The house can already live and do homework, as the boy does. There is a microwave, TV and second floor with a bed.

“I want to show the children that even at their age you can already build something and achieve something,” says Luke in one of his videos.

Date: 08.10.2018, 21:42 / Views: 55291

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