“It was a shame”: the first dialogues of Yandex users with Alice

Let's get acquainted. Personal voice assistant - "Alice" - launched Yandex on October 10. The “Alice” task is to help the user with everyday tasks. She will tell the weather, where to eat, which store to go in, she can search for any information on the Internet and launch applications at your request.

SpeechKit's speech technology helps Alice to interact with people. Thanks to them, she catches that you are turning to her, recognizes what has been said and reveals its meaning. Alice understands both children and adults - and even those who speak Russian with an accent. Alice's voice is synthetic, but he has a living prototype. This is actress Tatyana Shitova. In a conversation with Alice do not need to weigh every word. She is able to take into account the context of the conversation and restores the omitted parts of the sentences, as people do.

In order for Alice not to send you to a search for every question you ask, it is enough to say: Alice, let's chat!

Inquisitive Internet users have already begun to actively communicate with Alice, as well as lay out screenshots of funny dialogues in the social network. They found out that "Alice" is not quite an ordinary voice assistant: she is rude, offers to steal an iPhone, does not like kulebyaka and does not want to talk about Putin.

At a minimum, Alice can support:

So we talked.

There are funny moments)

There are those who are experiencing that they cannot find a common language with the application ...


Alice is available in Yandex for Android and iOS, as well as in a service for Windows. You should launch the application and press the blue key with the image of a microphone located exactly in the middle of the screen. The application is also available for Windows.

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:43 / Views: 71184

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