Take the rope and some beads to create an amazing decoration

Bead embroidery on the rope - this is a very interesting and exciting work, the result of which is a cool decoration, created with your own hands. It will take very little to work - in fact, a rope with a diameter of 5-8 mm (it can be any, but better with a cotton braid; a clothesline is perfect) and beads (you can weave jewelry of the same color or make color inserts-patterns). Also you will need a thread with a needle and a fastener for decoration (sold in any stores for creativity).

With this simple technique, you can make not only a beaded necklace, but also a cute bracelet that is embroidered even faster. Getting started:

1. We fasten the thread with a needle with several knots from the edge of the rope, as in the beginning of any embroidery. Then we start stringing beads on a thread through a needle - in the same color, or think over a pattern and alternate colors.We twist the thread with the beads strung around it around the rope, but not very tight. For some time (3-5 turns around the rope) we simply string the beads and twist the thread without knotting anything.

2. When the first “batch” of beads is ready, we fix the thread in the rope. Here, navigate yourself: it is better to make short turns and often fix the thread so that the finished work looks neat. In addition, it will not let you get off, especially if the designed pattern is complex. But, of course, the more often the turns are fixed, the longer it will take to work. The thread is fixed simply: the needle enters backward in a row, is brought out. Repeat 2-3 times.


3. We display the thread exactly where the beadwork has stopped - that is, neatly, on the side of the weave, through the last 2-3 beads.

4. Stringing a new “batch” of beads and continuing to work until the end, periodically fixing the thread in the rope in knots.

The fastener is most conveniently sewn to the edge of a cotton clothesline, you will have to tinker with the synthetic one. A wonderful beaded necklace is ready!

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