Symptoms and first aid for hypertensive crisis

Disease rarely warns about its imminent arrival in advance; more often, a hypertensive crisis takes anyone by surprise who is not ready for it. This can happen in the park, bus, cafe, home. Changes associated with the loss of the ability to adapt to stressful situations lead to its appearance (an important role here belongs to the state of the vessels). So the obvious prerequisites of GK are stresses that take the balance out of balance, and, as a result, a vascular breakdown against the background of an emotional surge.

If a person is constantly experiencing mental overload, situational neurosis, has endocrine-related health problems, as well as an identified hereditary predisposition, he is in a state of pre-hypertensive crisis.

Risk factors are also hormonal failure during PMS and menopause, stagnant water and excess salt in the organs caused by certain foods, alcohol and tobacco abuse, manifestations of chronic diseases, and renal failure.External danger factor for hypertonic - geomagnetic fluctuations and rapid change of weather.

Having just one of these causes is enough to cause a hypertensive crisis.

Obvious symptoms

In most cases, a vascular disease in the form of a hypertensive crisis is detected unexpectedly when the patient does not expect it. In order not to confuse this disease with anything, it is important to know the obvious symptoms of the crisis:

  • sudden drop in blood pressure
  • sharp pain in the skull, localized in the back of the head and crown
  • loss of coordination, sudden dizziness, "black dots" before the eyes
  • heart palpitations, chest pain, with occasionally transfixed heart
  • fainting
  • severe shortness of breath, throat spasm with throbbing pain, oxygen deficiency
  • blood from the demolition
  • nausea
  • excessive sweating
  • sleepy state, loss of orientation and memory
  • limb tremor
  • dry mucous membranes
  • severe overexcitement
  • paresthesia and arrhythmia - a rare, but sometimes arising symptom


It is important for a hypertensive crisis to promptly provide first aid, to take care of the patient.A quick and adequate response from others can prevent serious health complications.

  1. Call an ambulance.
  2. To set the person in a reclining position, with the pillows back and head resting.
  3. Remove the tie, scarf, collar, making it difficult to breathe. With GK, it is difficult for a person to breathe.
  4. Let the air into the room, give the person a blanket (so as not to catch a cold).
  5. At the feet place a hot water bottle (in the calf area).
  6. If a person has a diagnosis of hypertension, give him the medicines with which he is treated.

Often, a hypertensive crisis is accompanied by a panic phobia to die, 20-30 drops of Corvalol will help to calm the patient; for resorption, a captopril tablet can be offered under the tongue. Nitroglycerin is also given under the tongue for the purpose of a sharp decrease in pressure. To eliminate the side effect of the last pill in the form of a sharp headache, you can give validol.

Having identified the symptoms of hypertensive crisis, you should clearly and consistently provide emergency assistance to the person. But to replace the full medical care of these actions will not work. First aid should be provided in anticipation of the arrival of the doctor. Hypertensive crisis can subsequently provoke hemorrhage and swelling of the brain, heart attack, stroke, pulmonary edema, renal or ocular pathology, etc.Uncontrolled jump in blood pressure is deadly to humans, as it leads to a vascular catastrophe.

According to the world medical statistics, people with hypertensive crisis, who were not given appropriate treatment, die in 79% of cases in the first year after HA. But with good treatment under medical supervision, over 80% of patients undergoing hypertensive crisis overcome the line of life at 5 years.

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