Superman's knapsack of plastic bottles. Crafts for Cosmonautics Day

Modern small cosmonauts in order to go to space, it is not necessary to acquire a heavy and uncomfortable spacesuit. They just need to turn into a real superhero from a distant cosmic planet, able to fly with the help of some magical attribute or special backpack that you can do at home.

Superman's satchel from plastic bottles. Craftsmanship Cosmonautics Day

Superman's knapsack from plastic bottles. Crafts on the Day of Cosmonautics

Such an article on Cosmonautics Day will be especially relevant - when, if not on this day, does a particular interest appear in the distant intergalactic expanses?

The most uncomplicated way - make a superman knapsack of plastic bottles.They will be in any house.

First of all, you will need to give the bottles a metallic tint. To do this, you can use silver paint - an aerosol or silver gouache with a brush. Aerosol is the most convenient option, because the paint is sprayed in a thin even layer and dries quickly. If you didn’t have any silver paint at your disposal, you can wrap the bottles with silver tape or cardboard, fixing it with glue and double-sided tape.

Paint the bottle

The second stage is the manufacture of the most real flames. Without them, our crafts on the Day of Cosmonautics will not look so natural. We cut out tongues from several sheets of bright corrugated paper - yellow, orange, red. You can use colored tissue paper or cloth. The main thing is to cut out the languages ​​of a suitable size so that they look large enough.

 Cut out flames

Cut out flames

Flame to us it is necessary to fix it in the lower part of the knapsack.Simply put, we insert the tips of the tongues into the neck of the bottles. For reliability, you can first apply some stationery glue on them.

 Paste the flame

Paste the flame

Now you need to create the basis for the knapsack . For this, two straps are sewn to a rectangle of thick cardboard. The size of the rectangle and the straps is chosen in accordance with the size of the child’s back.

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