Stylish furniture from old boxes: cool, budget, functional

Old furniture has ceased to meet your requirements and written off for scrap? Do not rush to get rid of it completely. Drawers and shelves can be useful for creating durable, functional furniture. Proof of this - the unique models that creates a talented designer.

No drawings created in advance. Rather, the docking of everything that was at hand and the new filling the frame "in fact" or even its creation.

The fact that someone threw in a landfill, becomes an integral part of the new furniture, able to serve faithfully for many years.

The talented master was able to breathe in new life not only to the elements of modern cabinet furniture, but also to vintage drawers, which age is one hundred years.

If you wish, you can always make something similar with your own hands. The main thing - stock up on old drawers, shelves, doors and find a suitable sideboard or chest of drawers for the frame.

This option is no less interesting.The design is complemented by wheels and plastic containers of different sizes.

Date: 08.10.2018, 16:14 / Views: 65134

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