Studio apartment: pros and cons

Studio apartment - what is it

Studio apartment is very different from the usual housing. There is no division into rooms and a kitchen as such. But there is a large room with a kitchen area. It is separated from the main bar or sliding doors. There is no corridor either, at the entrance you immediately enter the common room. The only thing that is isolated is the bathroom and the toilet.If you think buying a regular apartment or studio, decide for what purpose it is needed. If a single pensioner or a married couple will live there, then this option of housing will do.
Design studio apartment often implies zoning. The living room is presented in one color, kitchen area - in another. This creates the illusory boundaries of the premises without visually reducing space. Indeed, due to the absence of partitions between the rooms, the studio apartment looks very large.
Often, studio apartments are duplex. The second floor looks like a porch with a ceiling.It is also not separated by partitions. Most often in this small residential area have a bed. This is a good solution, as you can isolate the platform from the window with a sliding partition and get a cozy dark room.
Many studio apartments instead of a balcony have a bay window, which further increases their area visually. Wide openings help to get enough light - because the kitchen does not have its own windows.

Studio apartment, to whom it is convenient

Studio apartment is almost perfect accommodation for a single person or a childless couple. When there is no need for an isolated kitchen in which hot pans and sharp objects are hidden from children, there is no need for the door to the parent’s bedroom, etc. In this case, a studio apartment with an elegant interior will be a good choice.Design studio apartments should be designed in the same style. Colors can change and accessories are added, but the main direction of the interior should be one.
But not very comfortable in such a room will be families with children. The mini-kitchen will not allow to place at the table everyone. The lack of partitions will prevent children from resting, and parents - to go about their business.In addition, there is no corridor in such apartments, which means that all the dirt from children's shoes rushes right into the room. Parents will have to clean the room several times a day to keep the room clean.

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