Strawberry "Zephyr": a variety of berries for the soul and business


Great solution for business

Often strawberries "Zephyr" is grown not only for personal use, but also for sale. It belongs to the superearly varieties. Its berries ripen by mid-May. On average, each berry weighs 50 g, which also deserves very good reviews.

It is very convenient that the berries on this strawberry appear already in the first year after planting. This makes it possible not only to try them, but also to put them on sale, since even an inexperienced gardener can pick up at least a kilogram of delicious berries from a strawberry bush.

Strawberry "Zephyr" was bred by Danish breeders. They have ensured that this variety gives excellent yield. Fruits ripen amicably, evenly, so that in the first season they can be collected enough to carry for sale. As a rule, in the market such berries are “one to one”, which attracts buyers. So the cultivation of this variety of strawberries will be an excellent financial support for those who are not afraid to engage in economic activity.

Like any plant, this strawberry requires some care, although it is a non-capricious plant. For landing it is best to choose a flat surface, a place without drafts. Strawberries love heat and soil with an acid-base and neutral balance. For top dressing it is best to use organic fertilizers that will help grow a large crop.

It is important to choose not only the place, but also the landing time. The best option is August - mid September. Inexperienced gardeners just forget about it, leaving work with seedlings for a later time. Strawberries "Zephyr" is important to plant in time, so that with the onset of spring already receive the harvest.

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