Strange shoes: creative, bordering on insanity

To think that in pursuit of individuality, courage is not needed - delusion. Those who doubt this should look at a unique collection of strange shoes created by designers from different countries of the world. Creative models will not leave anyone indifferent. Considering the fact that the shoes are even met more often than by clothes, only the most courageous women of fashion will risk wearing such shoes.

It's hard to believe, but inside these models are living beings. Perhaps the fish and will not cause negative emotions among contemplators, and the spider tribe, even being locked up, will surely please the few. Without feeding and cleaning can not do.

Even those of fashionistas who perfectly master the art of origami, most likely will not be in awe of such shoes. Although instead of shoe covers in the museum, such shoes can come up, but only if the tour will be short-lived.

Who knows, maybe the owner of luxury cars and appreciate this design idea.

There is hardly a woman who voluntarily wants to walk on people in nude shoes.

What do we have to build disks? Perhaps it was this idea that the designer visited, who decided to please the lovers of morning runs.

The idea to turn the sole into an electronically stuffed safe or a place to store gadgets is highly questionable.

In such footwear it is better not to appear to the representatives of the society of animal protection.

In an effort to imitate Lady Gaga, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Here you have steamers, fashionable at any time of the year. And in addition to them slippers, inspiring thoughts about the sea of ​​beer.

The grass-ant-greenback ... surely will not impress the young ladies who are afraid of tickling. Demi-season option in this regard is somewhat better, but also an amateur.

Even a drop of absinthe can knock down the owners of such shoes. Champagne is also contraindicated for them.

Fans of antiquity will appreciate this shoe design. But on the first date so definitely not worth shoes.

A glove on the heels is far from a new idea. As it turned out, she was in demand not only in children's literature, but also from shoe designers.

The culinary theme did not stand aside.

Creative design ideas in the world of high fashion are constantly appearing, which means there are still a lot of shoe masterpieces ahead of us.

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