Steel doors: a variety of options and manufacturing methods

Many owners of apartments and houses order metal doors that must protect the home from cold, noise, robbers and at the same time have a beautiful modern appearance. The Russian market mainly presents economy-class doors: Russian, Russian-Chinese, Polish production and high-end products: Italian, German, etc.

To meet the needs of the consumer, the door should be made not in a handicraft way, but in a specialized factory equipped with modern equipment. The steel door today is not only a metal product for dividing space, but also a beautiful, lightweight , robust design with heat and sound insulation and tastefully decorated on the outside and inside.

The basis of the door is a sheet of metal, which is made by hot-rolled or cold-rolled method.In the first method, steel sheets are welded onto stiffeners and ribs using electrode welding. These doors are of little strength, they are heavy, although they are cheap. The second method involves the formation of a sheet profile using spot welding. These doors are the most durable, lightweight and more expensive in cost. Between two sheets of the door stiffeners are welded. They are welded in three ways: horizontally, vertically and diagonally, and the space is filled with mineral wool or polyurethane foam. The outer edge of the door is sheathed with a seal. All this is designed to make a solid door and protect the space behind it from drafts and noise. The door leaf can be placed in different ways: on a par with the door frame or on top of it. The first method is in great demand, since it is more difficult to crack such a door. Also, you can roll up non-standard sized doors, in case you built a house on your own project. Doors need not be expensive to finish: it can be ordinary painting. A more modern and expensive option - wood trim and inlays.Or you can make steel doors as old as your heart desires. Russian-made doors are most popular with consumers. They are easy to order and pick up design, and also to make under the sizes of a doorway and on quality they do not concede to import metal doors. Chinese doors, as well as Russian, differ excellent quality and design if they were made on a large factory, and not artisanal way. Therefore, it is better to buy Chinese doors in large stores that cooperate only with reliable firms. Polish-made doors are durable, lightweight, reliable and beautiful. These products have certificates of European and Russian quality. Therefore, when choosing doors, take into account your wishes and financial possibilities.

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