Stars "House-2", which ended badly

Over the years, the existence of a popular TV show, its participants not only played weddings and arranged divorces. Unfortunately, more unpleasant stories happened to them: tragic deaths, incurable diseases, real terms of imprisonment. In this material, perhaps the most complete collection of such misadventures to date.
Each of the participants of the show could potentially be a violator or even a criminal
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Prohibited drugs

The news of the death of the ex-participant of the project, Polina Lobanova, sounded like a bolt from the blue - the girl was only 20 years old. On July 1, 2018, the star celebrated the anniversary, and three days later her friends found Pauline's body in a bathroom in a foreign apartment. According to rumors in the media, the cause of death could be an overdose of illicit drugs. True, the girl’s sister claims that Polina never used anything like that.

Photo: @pela_lobanova

Depression and refusal to eat

Today, very few people will remember about the participant of “House-2” named Kristina Kalinina, because the girl came to the show back in 2006. For the perimeter, she left her little daughter, for which all participants immediately condemned her.Relations with the guys at Christina did not work out, and after two weeks she decided to leave the project. After leaving, Kalinina started to get depressed, she refused food and water, and at 22 she died of heart and kidney failure.

Dead participants "House-2"
Andrey Kadetov photo
Maria Politova
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Christina Kalinina
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Oksana Korneva
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Oksana Aplekaeva during the filming of a television show
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Andrew on the project
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Tragic death

Masha Politova came to the TV set in 2006, spent four months at Dom-2, and then returned to the project three more times. She never built love, but the audience remembered. Still - tall, beautiful and creative. Participants Politov not particularly supported.

- She was a bit strange. Very chaste, the project did not come at all kissing, ”recalls Stepa Menschikov.

After “House-2” Masha worked as a model, and then as a makeup artist. The second half was found outside the perimeter - Politova lived with a journalist Artem Shanurov. He told that Masha disappeared on December 6, 2017. The search lasted six days - a dead girl was found in the Schelkovo district of the Moscow region.Masha suffered from bipolar disorder and said several times that she wanted to part with life.

Oksana Korneva got the nickname Kesha on the telescope. Sociable, cheerful, bright. One but. She never managed to build love - Oksana left the project. And in 2009, the girl died in an accident. Oksana with her friend and her boyfriend ran across the Garden Ring. Young people were hit by a taxi - the lovers died on the spot, and Kornev was taken to intensive care. The next day, the girl also died.

There are still many rumors around Oksana’s mysterious death

Oksana Aplekaeva lived on the project for two and a half months. And having left the project, I went to build a career in the modeling business. In early autumn of 2008, the body of a girl with traces of suffocation was found in the Moscow region. According to one version, Oksana was killed by one of her former lovers. Two months went investigating the crime, but the perpetrators were never found. Searches were suspended “due to the impossibility to establish persons subject to criminal prosecution”. There are still a lot of rumors around Oksana’s mysterious death. According to one of them, they dealt with Aplekaeva because she was a witness to many criminal cases of her suitor.

Mysterious killings

The death of this participant was perhaps one of the most resonant. Andrei Kadetov came to Dom-2 in April 2010 and immediately captured the attention of all the girls. Blue-eyed, blond, two meters in height ... He flirted with everyone and played romance at once with several participants. Then it turned out that Andrey had a wife outside the perimeter and he is still not officially divorced. Leading the guy sent to his hometown, so he filed a divorce. However, having left several times, Andrey still returned without a stamp in his passport. Therefore, it was soon decided to expel him from the TV set.

It turned out that Andrei has a wife outside the perimeter.

On December 24, 2010, a young man was killed near his own house while walking with a dog. Andrew was attacked by a man who inflicted 11 stab wounds. Investigators found out that a month before his death, Andrei met in St. Petersburg with a girl, Alexandra, with whom he had spent the night. The next day, she wrote a statement to the police about the rape, but later took him. The “victim” asked her ex-boyfriend to talk to Andrei “like a man”. Yuri Zhidkov decided not to talk, but immediately get a knife.On May 4, 2010, the court found Zhidkov guilty under the article "murder" and sentenced him to 11 years in a penal colony.

For information on which of the participants of the show was convicted, read on page 2.

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