In this workshop, I'll show you how to tie a crochet spider application with step-by-step photos. It can be used to decorate children's clothes, handbags, etc .. Such appliqué is knitted very easily and quickly.

Spider hook application

Spider crochet application

To knit Spider applications, we need:

  • Yarn of medium thickness, white and black (you can use “Iris” yarn folded in half);
  • Hook №2;
  • Scissors;
  • Transparent glue "Moment" or a needle and thread.

Knitting applications start with a spider. To do this, fold the yarn "Iris" black in half and recruit 4 air loops. We lock them in a ring.

The first two rows of the spider are knitted with single crochets with addition to each loop. In the third row, these additions are done every 3-4 loops. Carefully ensure that the knitting does not bend at the edges.

Once the diameter of the circle has reached the size you need, we will make the head of the spider. For this, in the third from the hook loop we sew 7 columns with a crochet.

Next, we knit 3 posts without a crochet around the edge and type 6 air loops.

For this knit chain of 6 air loops, we knit 6 columns without a nakida, fixing the "foot" of the spider in the edge with a column without nakida too.

We again tie 3 air loops along the edge, and then knit the next "foot". Similarly, all the "paws" are knit. The main thing is to take into account the fact that the spider torso is symmetrical and divided into 2 parts, so the three legs should be located on one side and three legs on the other.

The spider is ready. Now we begin to "weave" the web. To do this, we draw from the white yarn a chain of 30 air loops.

We make at least 10 such chains, it all depends on how "dense" you want to make a web. After that, carefully iron iron all the chains so that they do not "curl".

Spread out all the chains with a "snowflake."

Take a needle and thread and sew their ends (the center of the "snowflakes") together.

For convenience, you can simply take them one at a time and string them on a needle.

Now we knit a chain of air loops again. It should be long enough, but initially it is difficult to guess the exact length, so I advise you first to knit a chain of any length, you can decide on a specific length a bit later. The main thing is not to tear the yarn.

We take the beginning of the chain (just the beginning, not the end, otherwise you will not be able to control the exact length) and sew it or glue it with a transparent glue on one of the "rays" of the snowflake.

Then gently stretch the chain in a circle, simultaneously securing it to the rest of the "rays." Make at least two such circles.

We sew the spider to the web and iron the appliqué with an iron.

That's it, the spider crochet application is ready!

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