Sparrow T-shirt

Summer came and an idea came up to decorate a white T-shirt with a pattern. For this, I found an image of two birds, supposedly sparrows. So, we need: 1. T-shirt. 2. Figure with sparrows. 3. Pencil. 4. Acrylic paints. 5. gold contour. 6. Iron. 7. 7. Small. 8 .Copy paper. 1. We will take a shallow chalk and note the center of the T-shirt. Better with a roulette or ruler.
2.The image of the picture needs to be copied so that you can see clear outlines.
 t-shirt design
3. Now put under the T-shirt something solid (like a folder) and the resulting pattern with contours in the intended center. The outlines shine through the white T-shirt (and it is more convenient to translate than using a carbon copy) - so we outline the picture (in pencil, with a permanent marker on the fabric, I just translated it with a black pen).
red color
4. We begin to paint stems and petals with a fine brush (I had a brush under No. 5) with acrylic paint.Then we draw in brown the shading of the hips and backs, the wings of the sparrows. Then we draw the hips in red and the breasts of birds in orange. That's what happened.
 T-shirt with sparrows
5.We wait until the paint dries, we fasten with an iron through the newspaper, and then just on top . For better fixing of colors, I also wet the T-shirt with water after that and iron again (but through just paper, otherwise the text from newspapers will also stick).
6.You can draw a golden outline on top . Wait until it dries and wash.
 Sparrow T-shirt

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