Spa from the garden: how we are at risk for ourselves dispelled popular myths

A new task from the editors of and new frank confessions of our journalist. All that you were afraid to ask about and did not dare to do on your own.

Myth number 1: "Cucumbers are a tremendous natural moisturizer for the face, and if you regularly make masks of them, the skin will no longer be dry, it will become fresh and rested."

Cucumber is good. And in terms of food (especially if you want to lose weight and in the coming months you are going to eat only this vegetable), and in terms of face masks. They really refresh and tone up, but they are not able to replace radical rejuvenation procedures, as they act only on the outer layer of the epidermis. Therefore, if your skin is dehydrated and more like parchment, some cucumbers will not save you here. We need a whole range of activities: and vitamins, and special care, and, possibly, injections.

My verdict is:The cucumber mask did not impress me, as it acts only while on the face, and then the effect quickly disappears. And further.After the mask leaves a sticky residue (although it all depends on the type and age of the fruit) and the mass of seeds, which then have to be further removed from the face.

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Before you start a country spa therapy, think carefully
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Myth number 2: “In the bath, with a broom, you can at once smash a few extra pounds off yourself and significantly improve the quality of the skin”

Come on? Even the gym will not drive away the hated fat at a time, and even a single trip to the steam room all the more. No! I now do not belittle the dignity of the bath in terms of the removal of excess fluid (which is often used by athletes during the "drying"), but the fat goes there slowly. Very, very slowly. And if we talk about the broom, then after they beat me out with all their heart (well, so that the experiment was a success), hematomas on the skin were added to those extra pounds. Dubious, I tell you, pleasure.

My verdict is:it is right to bathe with a broom and peel each other with torn birch branches - two big differences (as they say in Odessa), so do not strive to otdubit each other to lose weight. Try to give yourself and your body pleasure, making a broom a massage, charging them to the body of couples and at the same time saying something like: “The bath soars, the bath rules ...”

Myth number 3: "The best masks are natural masks, so we tear the berry from the bush and immediately apply it on the face"

Stop! Nothing and never need to thoughtlessly tear from the bush and moreover apply on the face or poke into the mouth. Remember this once and for all. I personally remembered after my neighbor’s girl was severely poisoned by wolf berries as a child because her grandmother had been persuading her granddaughter all summer that “picked up from the bush and grown in the village is healthy and tasty”. The result - a strong poisoning and spoiled holidays. Therefore, before making masks, decoctions or tonic of something, carefully read the information about the collected plant, check the timing of its preparation (for many herbs and especially fruits, the difference in several days of maturation is very significant, as it can turn a fruit from poisonous into edible and vice versa), and then carry out a preliminary test for allergies, causing a remedy on the wrist.

My verdict is:The raspberry on the face looks like a frame from a horror movie, I did not have time to apply strawberries, because I ate it before I made the mask, the currant was very sour and pinched the face, especially at the site of small wounds, the gooseberry is prickly and rather hard, so if you do from it a mask, at first it is necessary either to crush it manually, or to crush it with a blender.

Cucumber masks
Cucumber masks are one of the most popular.
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Myth number 4: "To remove the swelling, you need to wipe your face every morning with ice cubes made from decoctions of various herbs"

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Not all herbs and flowers growing in the country can be equally useful.
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Firstly, not all herbs are equally useful (read above), and secondly, ice can cause real harm and chill the nerves on the face. It is also strictly forbidden to wipe their delicate skin around the eyes and apply to the cheek, if you, for example, have a toothache. So you do not remove the pain, but only overcool the nerves and further aggravate the situation.

My verdict is:ice cubes made from various decoctions have become my personal “drug”. They really tone up the skin, and most importantly - help to wake up, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Myth number 5: “The new fashionable and expensive direction of cosmetology - massage with snails, masks from the extract of the swallow's nest and facial rejuvenation courses with bee stings. Why spend money on it if everything is available for free in the village? ”

All is not gold that glitters. Not all the cosmetics that we can smear on his face. Well ... You understood me. New trends in cosmetology today really aboundHowever, next to each name of a fashionable procedure, it is time to put a postscript “The Ministry of Health warns!” and agree on it only after consulting with a good and experienced specialist, otherwise you run the risk of running into trouble.

My verdict is:Dear editors, who gave the task to test this myth ... Let's do so ... I successfully failed your task ... I was unpleasant by the snails from the moment when I collected them from different bushes along with the Colorado potato beetle and green caterpillars on the instructions of my mother. Bees I fear everyone. Even the little bee Maya from the cartoon, and the swallows were simply overwhelming to dig into the manure. Nobody would understand me in the village. Well, and besides, in the pursuit of beauty, the first and most important rule: stop in time! And how good that I remembered it.

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