Soda Soda

A fairly simple way to get soda at home. Based on simple dissolution of CO2 in water. For this we will build a CO2 generator. Its work is as follows: when the vinegar interacts with soda, CO2 is released, then it goes into the second vessel and dissolves in our carbonated liquid. Simply, we'll need: vinegar, soda, a couple of plastic bottles, a tube, a piece of napkin or toilet paper.
Here's what we did:
As you can see from the picture  twobottlessecurely connectedbyapipe.Pleasenotethatinthesecondbottle,whereourgassingliquidwillbepoured,thetubegoestotheverybottom,andinthefirstone,wherethereactionwilltakeplaceÔÇöthetubelooksoutfromunderthelidalittle.
Inthefirstbottlewepour100-150ml.vinegar,inoursecond liquid,whichwillbecarbonated.Thesecondbottleistightlyclosed.
ThenweturninourtoiletpaperArt.spoonofbakingsoda.Thisisdoneinordertofallasleepatoncewithsodaand nottolose CO2Wethrowandquicklyclose.Reactionbegins!ForbetterabsorptionofCO2bytheliquid,itisnecessarytoshakeitandalso,toincreasethereaction,shakethebottlewithsodaandvinegar.Inshort,bothbottlesshouldbeshakenalternately.
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