Smoothies: what is the health benefits and how to cook it

"What kind of food is this?" - asked her friend, watching closely the buzzing of the blender, in which waltzed seasonal berries with bananas and coconut milk. “Is it possible to eat this? - she was indignant again. - There's nothing to chew! "

That's the theme for the new micro-essay was drawn, thank you, dear friend! I'm sure you're not the only one in the universe who still does not know that any liquid food is not water, but, like soup and salad, a full dish. And in the case of fruit and vegetable puree (in other words, smoothie) is also incredibly useful.

Especially for those who only yesterday discovered a world of healthy food, I will explain: smoothies are not a drink, but, in simple words, a puree mass of seasonal and certainly fresh (although freezing is not forbidden) fruit.

  • First of all, smoothies are a trendy version of the "frutonyani", which, unlike its canned twins, carefully preserved and combined in one glass vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and dietary fiber of its ingredients.Dense fruit “liquid” nourishes the body, in one sitting providing it with a daily dose of phytonutrients necessary for life. That is, performs the duties of fruits, multiplying their superpowers. Agree, where it is more profitable and tastier to get the necessary, simply by mixing in a blender a few servings of all different, than to ingest dietary supplements or a whole day to gnaw apples. The classic “Green detox” smoothie, for example, provides the body with 100% of vitamins A to E and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and iron.

Smoothie "Green detox"

2 celery stalks + a bunch of spinach leaves + 1 banana + lime juice + a glass of water = pleasure!

Smoothie "Green detox"

  • As an example of its freshly squeezed "analogues", smoothies contain fiber of whole fruits and vegetables, which is necessary for the health of the colon. Fiber, stimulating digestion, strengthens the immune system and cleanses (detoxifies) the body.

Smoothies "Orange Morning"

1 big carrot + 2 oranges + a bit of ginger + a pinch of saffron + 1 banana + 3 tbsp. spoons of pumpkin or hemp seeds (guys, you can even buy them in “Bill”) + half a cup of chamomile chilled tea = pleasure!

Smoothies "Orange Morning"

  • Thanks to all the same dietary fibers, the smoothie perfectly nourishes and, without overloading the stomach, eliminates the premature feeling of hunger and at least some hint of the desire to “cram” some sweet / fat / spicy / salty filth in the future.
  • Solid food should be drunk, liquid - thoroughly chewed. Surely you know that, but still, not realizing how you can chew the liquid, you daily swallow soups, juices, cocktails, right ?! Well, now I will tell you how. The fact is that when you, like a fish caught in a net, swallow without chewing, you are slowing down the development of a satiety hormone. While the longer you chew, the less amount of food you need to saturate. To train yourself to chew, add a smoothie to your diet and eat it with a spoon from a deep bowl for soup and muesli.

Smoothies «Berry bowl»

1 cup of frozen or chilled berries + 2 frozen bananas (you will immediately understand why to freeze them) + half a cup of coconut milk + blender = pleasure!

Smoothies «Berry bowl»

Be sure to serve smoothies with a good spoon of coconut chips and chia seeds, granola and fresh fruit.

Believe me (and the whole vegan world) to the word: smoothie - it is very, very tasty and, most importantly, FAST.One has only to start consuming more whole fruits and vegetables, as you would not want to return to the world of “industrial” snacks for any price, because transform beyond recognition - shining skin, voluminous hair, strong nails and burning energy and the desire to love life and enjoy eyes.

A proper smoothie should consist of:

  • useful diluent

Liquid is needed to give a smooth texture to crushed hard fruits and vegetables. It can be almost everything, starting with water (including coconut) and ending with a small amount of freshly squeezed juice and even chilled green or herbal tea. The creamy taste will provide milk, but only of plant origin (unsweetened soy and nutty).

P. S .: animal fat will stop the process of digestion and destroy everything that was useful in fruits and berries, so do not use either kefir, nor yogurt, or cow's milk as a diluent

  • organic base

... which consists of fresh or frozen fruits and / or vegetables. Read our superfood heading to know what to mix with for the nutrient balance and fantasize about your smoothie.

  • useful thickener

To give smoothies smoothies, throw a banana into the blender, add more frozen berries or half a ripe avocado, a few dates or a couple of walnut paste urbec or tahini, a spoonful of chia or flax seeds.

P. S .: The correct nut paste should consist exclusively of unroasted seeds / nuts.

  • useful flavor enhancer

This role can play an additional date or all the same banana for sweets. Lime (peel and juice) is perfect for flavor and light astringency, you can also add a wide variety of spices from vanilla to hot pepper.

  • nice bonuses

In order to balance the nutritional value of your smoothies, add a little protein: a handful of sprouted buckwheat or oatmeal, greens (kale, vitgrass or spinach), raw, pre-soaked seeds or nuts, seeds of chia, hemp and so on.

Smoothies: what are the health benefits and how to cook it

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