Smile will be brighter

Little RaccoonNo matter how good everything is in a well-functioning and calm life, but without failures and problems, it does not do. Problems at work, family troubles and the like. All this can greatly affect the regularity of the life course, in some moments make you give up or seriously ruin your mood. Outputs from the current situation are different. Someone goes to relax in nature, someone finds an outlet in conversations with friends (friends), someone meditates or practices yoga. Each of the above methods has the right to exist, if it is effective. But they are all labor-intensive and require certain financial injections. And there is a simpler way - a smile. Just remember the children's cartoon with the song "from a smile will become brighter to everyone." It is scientifically proven that this is not just a collection of words sung by a children's choir.


For a long time, psychologists have proven that there is a very close relationship between a good mood and a smile. I'm not kidding. When a person smiles, the body produces hormones of joy.They affect the well-being, and the soul and the truth becomes warmer and lighter.


The song "From the smile will be all brighter" is written by the children's songwriter Mikhail Spartakovich Plyatskovsky. The musical accompaniment of this hymn of joy is written by Vladimir Yakovlevich Shainsky. The combination of this text with a kind and calm melody soothes and makes the lips stretch in a clean and sincere smile.


Little Raccoon

Little Raccoon. Frame from cartoon.



If, due to some circumstances, cats are scratching your heart, if you are crazy, then download the song “Smile will be brighter to everyone” from the Internet and listen to it. Maybe more than once. Tosca sure to let go. Already more than one generation of children has grown up on this cartoon, but everyone is watching it again and again. The therapeutic effect of this simple song is amazing! And those people who are prone to frequent mood swings can be advised to download this cartoon from YouTube, or watch it online more often.


The protagonist of the cartoon "From the smile will be all brighter" baby raccoon is not by chance a frequent visitor to the emblems of kindergartens or matinees.Cheerful and smiling character is not found. Only the little raccoon was able to prove that a sincere smile can and should be infectious. And this is not a myth or an invention. This is a scientifically proven fact. And when the soul of heavy clouds just remember the song from a smile will be all lighter, and you will feel relief. Smile on health.


And finally, look at this wonderful cartoon. Even if you have a great mood. Just look and remember your childhood.

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