Small factory of household things

From the old unnecessary things you can make a huge number of products interesting, unique, and most importantly - necessary. Things of manual, rather than factory production, have always been highly valued and experts who want to bring a highlight to the arrangement of their home, change the standard interior beyond recognition. When all the old things that you have managed to find at yourselves, friends and neighbors, will find a new life, it's time to think about organizing your own small business, attracting the homework of temporarily free craftsmen.

Many do not know that the procedure for registering a trademark of an enterprise requires minimal expenses, but opens up broad opportunities for the development of its small business. As raw materials, obtained absolutely without costs, any materials that are available are used: old ties and T-shirts, belts, and even suitcases. And already worn or just out of fashion jeans are full in every home.

How to find lovers of their talent

There is a huge amount of ideas on how to turn jeans into a vintage backpack or a wonderful rug. No, not the usual rag rug. It's about a unique leather rug, made from a mixture of labels from different jeans. The patchwork variation of such a carpet and the natural color of genuine leather labels will allow an exclusive product to fit into any, even the most sophisticated interior. A bit of creativity and products of your unique company will surely find a connoisseur.

Date: 08.10.2018, 14:56 / Views: 51555

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