Skirts to choose in the spring-summer 2017 season

In the high fashion, another rebirth occurs: to replace masculinity and oversize comes elegance and femininity. The symbol of such changes became fashionable skirts, which in the spring-summer 2017 season are a mix of lightness, impeccable style and unusual design solutions.
Of course, not only a romantic mood reigned on the catwalks. Lovers of grunge and strict classics will also find their skirt. But first things first. Let's start with the length. Designers give us complete freedom in choosing the ideal length of the skirt: from mini to maxi, as well as elegant midi (just below the knee or to the middle of the calf).

Mini skirts

It’s hard to say who likes miniskirts more: girls who want to brag by long slender legs, or men who like to see a little more than allowed. In any case, in the spring-summer season 2017, mini skirts are assigned their place in the wardrobe.

But with an extremely short length of jokes are bad - in the fashion all the same femininity, and not vulgarity.The embodiment of this rule - the collection of Veronique Leroy, Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared2. Mini skirts on the models concealed what should be hidden, and that the image did not look worn, they were balanced by jackets, jackets and blouses with a long sleeve.

Of course, a mini-skirt is ideally combined with summer cro-tops, especially if they are made in one style. These mini-kits are presented in the collections of Blumarine, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang.

Long skirts

Maxi skirt is not going to go out of fashion - just in the summer it becomes more light and bright. The length of the maxi each designer beat in their own way. Thus, floor-length skirts are available in any style and color: from the lush, bright “sun” and “half-sun” models to strict “pencils” and skirts with an asymmetrical hem and high cuts.

Maxi skirt can be both extreme length in the floor, and more shortened to the ankle, and also with a hem of different lengths: short in front and long behind.

The long skirt is quite versatile, it looks equally good with both short crop tops and more complex combinations - long sweaters, voluminous sweaters, loose blouses and shirts.

Midi skirt

Probably, there is no such length that would be out of place in the new season. Along with the extreme length and ultra mini in fashion midi skirts are below the knee, but above the ankle.

The cut can be any: lush with numerous folds, fitting over the entire length, fitting hips, and extended downwards (skirt-year). Designers fell in love with a midi skirt for combining it with almost any top and any shoe.

"Sunny" style

Skirt-sun, skirt-half-sun, skirt-bell and their variations - one of the popular styles of the spring-summer season of 2017. Designers turned to this cut because of its versatility. Indeed, despite some lightheadedness, the skirt is even combined with jackets and shirts in a simple style.

If Michael Kors, Veronique Leroy, Vivienne Tam offered moderately strict office bows with a skirt-sun, then Rochas, Blumarine, Giambattista Valli preferred light bright images. Some designers went even further, they proposed to combine a romantic sun skirt with rude things in a grunge style.

In spite of the style with which the sun skirt will be combined, it must be made of light flying fabrics, in soft pastel or in bright colors. The length of the skirt can be absolutely anything: from the ultra-short mini to the maxi options.

Pencil skirt

This cut is a must-have for any season. To make this style more memorable,designers offer to wear pencil skirts of unusual colors with patch pockets framed with draperies, ruffles and bold cuts.

One of the trends in the spring-summer season of 2017 was a pencil skirt with a cut from the front. And the more it is, the better. Similar models can be found in the collections of Trussardi, Marissa Webb, Marco de Vincenzo, Altuzarra.

Also, designers have relied on saturated, rich colors, unusual silhouettes and materials. Now you can safely wear a pencil skirt not only for work, but also in everyday life. After all, fashionable style and warm summer colors just match the mood of the big city.

Trendy smell

At the same time with the classic cut, the first position in the spring-summer 2017 season came out smelling. Although this complex cut is not every girl, with the right selection you will look much more feminine than in a familiar pencil skirt.

In a fashion skirt with a smell of medium and maximum length. Both classic models in a calm range, and skirts in bright summer colors, with a vichy cell fashionable this season, as well as with unusual accents in the form of frills, flounces and fringe, are relevant.

Skirts with a slit

An intriguing cut is another detail that adorns the skirts of this season. The most relevant skirts are up to the knee and below with a deep cut in front or at the sides.Similar models can be found in the collections of Trussardi, Chanel, Marco de Vincenzo.

Prabal Gurung has provided several cuts similar to the fringe, which for the third season has not left the fashion podiums. A skirt with a slit, including a deep one, can be worn even in an office, provided that the company is made up of things as strict as possible in a classic business style.


It all started with tops on one shoulder, and gradually the asymmetry descended lower into skirts. Thus, skirts with an asymmetrical hem firmly took their place in the list of fashion trends of the spring-summer 2017 season.

Leather skirts

If before leather skirts were considered clothing on the verge of permissible, now they can become a full-fledged element of an office wardrobe. Especially designers began to use eco-leather or a special fabric, apparently not distinguishable from genuine leather, which do not require any special care.

The fashion for the classic black color has not disappeared - Marissa Webb, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emanuel Ungaro showed us black leather skirts, which are familiar to us, which fully comply with the new trends of the spring-summer 2017 season.

If you do not associate black with a spring wardrobe, pay attention to the collections of Jeremy Scott, Fay, Trussardi. These brands presented trendy colored leather with fashionable cut elements.

Phillip Lim presented a whole line of skirts with imitation snake skin, made in shades characteristic of the natural colors of reptiles.

Bulk shuttlecocks

Femininity returns to the change of masculinity to the world of high fashion, therefore we cannot do without ryushes, flounces and lace. Ruffles decorated not only evening skirts on the floor, but also more versatile models adapted to everyday wear.

One can say without exaggeration: frills adorned most of the shows, including Alberta Ferretti, Altuzarra, Dsquared2, Emanuel Ungaro, Mary Katrantzou, Zimmermann. And this is not a complete list of those who have included in their collections skirts, decorated with all kinds of ruffles, ruffles and frills.

Skirts with fringe

In the season of spring-summer 2017 in fringe fashion, which gives the image of femininity, making it light and energetic. Fringe can act as a separate element, decorating the hem or the smell of the skirt, and as the main dress.

Fringed skirts look equally good with t-shirts and sweaters in casual style, as well as with strict jackets and blouses, as with loafers and flat-sneakers, and with high-heeled shoes.

Stylish geometry

Skirts with elements of geometry in the spring-summer 2017 season are represented not by prints in the form of stripes and rhombuses, but by the “trapezium” styles.Moreover, the designers abandoned the extreme length of the mini and maxi and settled on models just above or slightly below the knees.

It should be noted that on the catwalks mainly skirt trapeze in a retro style prevailed. And so that the skirt does not look boring, the designers added elements of modernity to their liking.

Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts are again in the limelight. Only this time they are represented by a long midi or maxi, ultrashort models with even pressed pleats are no longer relevant.

Any material is suitable for creating a characteristic “ladder”, but chiffon, silk and other light fabrics are preferable for summer. Also at the same time with the usual materials in fashion pleated skirt with a metallic sheen.

Metallic skirt

As you have already noticed, the fabric with metallic texture is again at the peak of its popularity. Brilliant gold, silver, colored metallic, as well as skirts with a holographic effect were seen on fashionable catwalks in a variety of variations: from ultrashort mini to midi and impressive maxi.

Despite the first impression, the “metal” skirt is truly universal - it is suitable for both publication and everyday wear, including for the office.

Transparent skirts

The task maximum for the upcoming season is to learn to wear transparent skirts so as not to look vulgar in them. After all, organza, lace, chiffon and tulmarine firmly occupied a key place among the fashionable fabrics of the spring-summer season.

The classic cut gives the opportunity to come in a transparent skirt, even at semi-official events. To look seductive, but not vulgar, the designers have provided tight covers and short shorts. So you choose what you can show and what you need to hide.

It is worth noting that all the current trends of the spring-summer 2017 season: transparency, flying silhouette, smell, abundance of frills, asymmetry, metallic effect touched skirts. All of them are aimed at creating the most feminine images, in which gross details and the masculinity that was fashionable in past seasons are completely absent.

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