Simple soldering iron temperature regulator

For a decent quality of soldering works, a home master, and even more a radio amateur, a simple and convenient temperature regulator of the soldering iron tip is useful. For the first time the device layout, I saw in the magazine "Young Technician" early 80's, and collecting several copies, I use until now.
scheme regulator
To assemble the device you will need: -diode 1N4007 or any other, with a permissible current of 1A and a voltage of 400 - 600V thyristor KU101G. -electrolytic capacitor 4.7 microfarad with an operating voltage of 50-100 V. -resistance of 27-33 kilo-ohms with a permissible power of 0.25-0.5 watts. - variable resistor 30 or 47 kilo-ploma SP-1, with a linear characteristic.
 regulator t soldering iron temperature
For simplicity and clarity, I drew the arrangement and interconnection of parts.
soldering iron temperature controller
Before assembling, it is necessary to isolate and form the conclusions of the parts. We put on insulating tubes 20mm long for the thyristor leads, and for the diode and 5mm resistor leads. For clarity, you can use colored PVC insulation, removed from suitable wires, or sit down shrink. Trying not to damage the insulation, we bend the conductors, guided by the drawing and photos.
 Simple temperature controller soldering iron
All parts are mounted on the terminals of the variable resistor, connecting to the circuit four points of soldering. Set up the conductors of the components in the holes on the terminals of the variable resistor, all trim and solder. We shorten the findings of radio elements. The positive terminal of the capacitor, the control electrode of the thyristor, the output of the resistance, are connected together and fixed by soldering. The thyristor case is an anode, for safety, we isolate it.
 soldering iron temperature controller
To give the structure a complete look,it is convenient to use the case from the power supply unit with the mains plug.
 inside temperature controller
On the upper edge of the case, drill a 10 mm hole. Insert the threaded part of the variable resistor into the hole and fix it with a nut. To connect the load, I used two connectors with holes for pins with a diameter of 4 mm. Mark the centers of the holes on the case, with a distance of 19 mm between them. In the drilled holes with a diameter of 10 mm. we insert connectors, fix with nuts. We connect the plug on the case, the output connectors and the assembled circuit; the soldering points can be protected with heat shrinkage. For a variable resistor, it is necessary to choose a handle made of an insulating material of such shape and size in order to close the axis and the nut. We assemble the case, fix the knob of the regulator reliably.
 Simple soldering iron temperature controller
Check the regulator by connecting an incandescent lamp of 20 to 40 watts as a load. Rotating the knob, we are convinced of a smooth change in the brightness of the lamp,from half brightness to full heat.
 Simple soldering iron temperature controller
When working with soft solders (for example, POS-61), EPSN 25 soldering iron, 75% of power is enough (the position of the regulator knob is approximately in the middle of the stroke). Important: on all elements of the circuit there is a supply voltage of 220 volts! Electrical safety measures must be observed.

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