Simple Couples Mantas

The taste and benefits of eating a couple are well intertwined. Such food is useful for people watching their figure, as well as those who control the correct work of the stomach. Very juicy "Manti" is easy to cook in your favorite double boiler. Not a difficult meal in the cooking will please everyone, including children. Even the avid pickups will ask for the addition of this delicious treat. And with sour cream, freshly made “Manty” will go away with a bang! Required components:
  • - chicken egg - 1 pc.
  • - pasteurized milk with a fat content of 3.2% - 230 g.
  • - table salt in 4-5 g.
  • - wheat flour of the highest grade - 550-600 g.
  • - ready pork mince - 800 g.
Step-by-step cooking technology:1. Prepare a spacious dish. Break an egg into the selected container.
 Manty on a pair
2. Pour in the same milk. It is important that the milk is not cold, the room temperature of the product is ideal for cooking.
 Mantas for a Couple
3.Add salt to the egg-milk mixture.
 Steamed manty
4. Add flour to the liquid mass. It should also be noted that the flour should be poured gradually, this will allow the test to turn out gentle, light.
 Manty for a couple
5. Ready dough to lay out on a flat surface. The dough may stick a little, so you need to dust it a little with flour. Roll a piece of dough into a thin layer.
 Manti for a couple
6. Cut the layer into long and wide strips. The size of the strips to make as desired.
 Manty on a pair
7. Prepared minced meat in advance, you need to lay out the entire length of the strips, as shown in the photo.
 Steamed manty
8. The bottom edge of the dough, on which the filling is, must be pinned inward. Then roll up the strips into rolls, and connect the edges tightly with your fingers.
 Manty for a couple

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