Simple contact welding machine

A simple apparatus for resistance welding
This is the instruction (manual) on how to make a cheap convenient and portable device for spot welding of metal from a damaged microwave oven. Please pay attention to that it is dangerous, this is evidenced by the inscription depicted on the transformer: "DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE", take all possible precautions by following these instructions:


A simple apparatus for resistance welding
The meager cost of this spot welding can be reduced to zero altogether if you find the following components without buying: 1. Very old microwave - can be found at the dump. 2. Wooden board. 3. T-brackets. 4. Screws. 5. A cable with a diameter of 1cm with a solid core will suit multicore, but make sure that each thread has a diameter of at least 1 mm. 6.Other woodworking tools and electrical connectors. 7. 3 pin connectors (optional). 8. Metal jumper for fastening at least 15cm (optional). 9. Connector from PC power supply (optional). 10. Terminal block (internal diameter 1 cm).

Remove the transformer from the microwave

A simple apparatus for resistance welding
This step describes how to get a transformer from a microwave oven 1. Disassemble the microwave oven without touching any elements on the printed circuit boards. 2. Find a high-voltage capacitor, it should be attached to a capacitor and look like a magazine from a gun with 2 wires extending from one end. 3. Short-circuit the capacitor with a screwdriver. ATTENTION: IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO LOOK AT THIS, THE SPARK IS VERY BRIGHT, YOU CAN DAMAGE THE VISION. 4. Remove the transformer.

The structure of the resistance welding machine

Simple apparatus for resistance welding
The whole structure is made of one wooden board and the only modification that needs to be made in it is to cut the board to a certain length, so that all parts have the same height. As you can see from the figure, two middle parts form the base on which the transformer is fastened, the power supply connector is located between them. On the front panel there are two long parts connected by T-brackets (do not tighten the upper screws, this is there must be a flexible connection.) At the front end, there are not enough two electrodes, attach them at the bottom of the long part, fasten the long piece to the short one for added stability and support.


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