Show the children: homeless girl doing homework in the rain

At 8 years old, she already understands: studying is her only opportunity to escape from poverty and to achieve a better life.

The child complains that it is difficult at school, it is boring to do homework and, in general, why is all this necessary? Show him this video. It is impossible to look at him without a shudder.

The video was shot in the Philippines in the height of the rainy season. The eight-year-old family of Helene was left homeless: her father fell ill, lost his job — he worked as a pedicab and the landlord simply threw them out. For several days now, the four of them were forced to huddle in a ditch: the 42-year-old father of the family, his 40-year-old wife and two children, the eight-year-old Helen, and the four-year-old Alexander.

In the open during the rainy season, to put it mildly, it was not easy. But, despite the storm raging around, little Helen diligently did her homework. The girl took shelter in an old coat, trying to protect not so much herself as textbooks from the rain. When another shower flurries, it only nestles closer to the ground, holding a coat and not letting the pencil out of her fingers.

The video was shot by a regular passerby.He asked the girl what she was doing. And she said that she should learn as best as possible, become first in class, in order to get a good job and help her family. Helen is now in second place in terms of performance. But with her perseverance and willpower, there is no doubt that she will be the first. And our children, the colors of life, have something to learn from her. So the passer-by who shot the video also thought.

“I will definitely show this video to my children. Everyone should understand how lucky they are that they have the opportunity to study and receive education. Therefore, the school must be taken seriously, - said the man. “Little Helene will succeed in life, I'm sure.” She is very determined and very bright. She lost the house, she doesn’t have any comforts, but she still does her job. It is very motivating. ”

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