Shame on you: Bella Hadid forgot to wear a skirt

Supermodel walked down the street in some tights.

Bella Hadid often wears clothes on the edge of decency. But to go out completely without a skirt is something new. Yesterday, on the streets of New York, the model could be seen in only one short jacket and black transparent tights. In this form, she went to one of the shows of Fashion Week.

Bella Hadid
Photo: Getty Images
Bella Hadid
Photo: Getty Imagesv

It seems that the series of fashion shows is bad for Bella. After all, just the other day, all fashion critics enthusiastically discussed her outfit at a party of a glossy magazine. Translucent skin-tight jumpsuit, on top of which Hadid wore a corset, made a real sensation.

Bella Hadid
Photo: Getty Images
Bella Hadid
Photo: Getty Images

And in the spring at the Paris Fashion Week, Hadid made a fashionable failure per day - as if on a clear schedule. This squall of criticism then caused a super-open image of the model. The oversized jacket, which Hadid wore, seemed several sizes larger than necessary.Underneath it turned out to be a transparent black body, under which Bella did not consider it necessary to wear underwear. Since the jacket was flung open at every step, anyone could consider the bust of the star and literally every curve of its body in every detail.

By the way, at the same time, Bella (who does not differ in curvaceous forms) put on a too open white top, which fell off of her literally at every step. So instead of posing for photographers, the girl was forced to keep the top of her attire and cover her breasts. And the baggy ripped jeans, which Bella chose to pick a pair of top, although they look good, have become an anti-trend and a sign of a cheap wardrobe (read more about this here). gathered in one gallery the most epic fashionable misses Hadid.

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