Shambala Bracelet

Shambala bracelets are considered to be fashionable bracelets for 2013-2014. These bracelets are considered not only fashionable jewelry, but also a talisman that protects against all bad things. These bracelets have gained their popularity since Tibet, it was they who protected people from evil spirits and bad surroundings. Now, these bracelets can be learned to weave independently, and wear them absolutely with any outfits. What are they good and unique? In Shambala, you can use completely different stones, both natural and artificial. They can also be of a variety of shapes. In this master class, we’ll just learn how to weave a Shambala bracelet made of natural stones. For weaving we need: Black waxed cord, about 2.5 meters needed, cord thickness 1 mm; Natural stones: we need 1 cm in diameter - 1 tiger eye, 4 aventurine, with a diameter of 8 mm - 4 pieces of tiger eyes mixed with aventurine and 2 tiger eye stones with a diameter of 5 mm; Two separators with rhinestones - Rondelli; PVA glue; Manicure scissors; Lighter; Any object with a handle or loop,so that you can secure the cord for easy weaving.
 Shambala Bracelet
 For weaving we need
Cut off two pieces of cord , one 60 cm, and the second 120 cm. The short cord will be centered, so we will call it "central". We retreat about 10 cm and tie the cord to the handle of the cup.
For weaving we need
 Cut off two pieces of cord
Second cord We pass from below and tie it to the knot. Now we take the left cord, folding it with a ring, we put it under the central one.
set cord
 tie on a knot
We also fold the right cord into a semi-ring and, on the contrary, put it on top of it, on the central cord. Now the right cord is passed from above to the left loop, and the left cord from below is threaded into the right loop. Tightly tighten the knot. That we have turned half-knotted.The second part of the knot begins the other way round: we put the right cord in a semi-ring under the central one, and the left one is superimposed with a semi-ring on top. We loop through the inside and inside and tighten the second half of the knot. We get a full-fledged double node.
 we fold the semiring
 overlay on top
In total, we spin five double knots.
weave five double knots
 weave five double knots in the
Now take the stones and roughly lay out the desired sequence of stones on the bracelet.
 weave five double knots
 we take stones
On the central cord we dress a bead of a mixed stone of a stone and we weave it with a double knot.

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