Sex "for health": is it worth it or not?

The question, of course, is scrupulous, but that is why it requires detailed consideration: yes or no? Is it possible, necessary and necessary? has found stories of girls who are concerned about this issue not for the sake of interest, but because they live like that. Right or not, psychologist Natalia Savva and Roman Zaiko, a specialist in psychotherapy for psychogenic sexual disorders, will help us understand.

I want not as often as he

“I know that my husband is very temperamental and is ready for physical closeness with me even after a night shift 7 times a week. I am a girl in this regard more restrained and I need not so much his attention, but I did not get used to refusing my beloved attention. Of course, I do not always feel the whole palette of feelings and emotions and in these moments I calm myself: it is pleasant to my husband and it is useful for me. Am I doing right? "
Roman Zayko

- In sexology there is the concept of "sexual constitution." This is biologically, by nature, the inherent need for the intensity of sexual contact. In this case, we can talk about the discrepancy between the sexual constitution of the partners, specifically about a higher one for the husband.The fact that a girl wants to please her husband on the one hand is good, that she appreciates his wishes and needs and wants to please him. On the other hand, what about your desires? Respecting your borders and being able to defend them is a very important quality. In addition, trust and sincerity in the marital relationship is hardly enhanced by the current situation. In my opinion, the ability to discuss even difficult issues is a pledge of harmonious relations. And the problem of inconsistency of sexual temperaments in our time is not so difficult to solve, with the help of various auxiliary forms of intimate life.

Temperance delayed

Sex "for health": is it worth it or not?
- After parting with a former partner, more than two years have passed. I never met someone to whom I gave my heart. And agreeing to one-time dates is not in my nature. My friends swear, they say that I have a lot of prejudices and this is bad only for me. The main thing is that one should be guided first of all, this is usefulness and one can have sex not for the sake of love, but for health.
Natalia Sawa

- Men and women are arranged differently. If a woman does not have a partner, then the desire can gradually fade. It is revealed if the one with whom she is comfortable appears.Moreover, a woman first of all needs emotions from interaction with a man, if he is not interested in her and is not close, the question is, how much will she get pleasure from such a mechanical process? Some psychologists believe that this can even destroy a woman emotionally.

Love does not happen much

Sex "for health": is it worth it or not?
- I don’t want to start a serious relationship after a divorce, but I’m a hot and sensual girl, so the lack of a permanent partner doesn’t scare me. I have such a temperament that I start with sex, and to everyone who scolds me, I always argue my behavior like this: “I meet men for health. Nobody take care of me except me. ”
Natalia Sawa

- If a girl has decided for herself that this type of relationship is comfortable for her, then why not. A person chooses for himself the rules and regulations, as long as they are safe for themselves and for others.

Mom's status for sex is not a sentence

- A couple of months ago, I became a mother of a wonderful baby. There are no contraindications for intimacy with my husband, but I often do not have enough strength, and even the desire for lovemaking, I could sleep here. But the mother is on the side of her husband and assures me that it is good for both of us to love each other.So I endure for the sake of health.
Roman Zayko

- The birth of a child is, of course, a miracle and a holiday in the family! But it is also a definite test for the spouses. The usual way of life is changing, physiological changes occur in the body, and not only in women.

The need for intimate contact is also reduced because of this, along with fatigue and lack of sleep. For a man, pain is not only a reduction in the intensity of sex life, but also a lack of customary attention from his wife. In this situation, to endure on the advice of the mother does not look like an effective way to solve the problem. Decisions should be made by the spouses themselves, based on their own interests and ability to negotiate, to discuss the situation that is openly established.

It is important for a person to understand that his experiences are significant, that he can express them, to be heard, even if it is not possible to satisfy the desire in full. And in order to have more strength, there are certain recommendations on the mode of life in families with newborn babies. This and the opportunity to give each other may not be for long, but to rest regularly, just to be alone, an adequate distribution of responsibilities and joint activities.child care, etc.

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