Sew Simon's Cat

Sew Simon's Cat- a master class, sew your own toy for the famous Simon's cat, and it can also be an antistress toy.

Materials and tools:

  1. fabric;
  2. filler;
  3. scissors;
  4. 2 beads for the eyes;
  5. sewing machine;
  6. black thread and needle.


Step 1

Fold the fabric in half, transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut it out - we get 2 pieces of each necessary part.

Step 2

Put together 2 parts of Simon's body and grind on a typewriter, stepping back from the edge, about 5 mm; leave the holes for filling. These steps are repeated with the tail. Fill the body and tail with filler, sew up the hole. Tail sew to the body.

Black thread embroidering pattern on the foot, nose and mouth. On the details for the eyes we sew beads, sew to the body with black thread. To make the eyes bulge, we sew a small hole when stitching to the body, fill the eyes with filler and sew up the hole.

Simon's Catis ready.

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