We sew a summer cap for the baby

Hot summer days are just around the corner and it means it's time to take care of a headdress for your baby. A light cotton cap is what will help protect it from the scorching rays of the sun while walking.
 We sew a summer baby cap
Sewing such a headdress is a pleasure , - it requires a minimum of fabric and equipment, and also - just a couple of hours of time. And that is why even a very busy mother with everyday worries can afford to sit down in the evening and sew it, as they say, for fun.
 We sew a summer cap for the baby
Before getting started you need to stock up on a 6-blade cap pattern. It can be downloaded at one of the sites by sewing on the Internet, and you can build it yourself, but it will take a little more time. In any case, it is necessary to select the pattern, taking into account the girth of the baby’s head. Generally,the classic cap includes only 2 basic details: the wedge itself, as well as the visor.  Sew a summer cap for a baby
Pre-ironed cotton cloth should be cut 6 details of wedges, as well as 2 parts of the visor. Allow seam allowances for all cuts to be given no more than 7 mm.
 Sew a summer cap for a baby
2 ke details ki should Sew together at side edges of the seam of 7 mm in width. Details are superimposed one on another face to face. At the beginning and at the end of the line, you need to put the tack.
 Sew a summer cap for a baby
The seam allowances for stitching the cap parts should be unclamped and stitched close to the line, as shown in the photo. After making the finishing line, the seam allowances should be cut to a width of 3 mm.
We sew the summer cap у для малыша
 Sew a summer cap for a baby From the wrong side, the seam of the sewing parts of the cap will be closed with a slash.So the product will look neat, keep the shape and last for a very, very long time without losing sight. The cotton oblique bake, chosen in the color of the main material, should be pinned or swept from the wrong side, closing the seam allowances of the seams of the cap parts. br>Then, on the front side, you need to lay two finishing lines, each of which will secure the swing edge of the bake. Pass these stitches at a distance of 7 mm from the seam of the parts of the cap. After laying the stitches, the pins or the mesh should be removed and the knot must be carefully ironed from the wrong side.
Sew a summer cap for a baby
Similarly, you should stitch the third cap wedge. Then just the same, you need to prepare the second part of the cap, also consisting of three wedges.
We Shoot L a cap for a baby
 We sew a summer cap for the baby by myself. The seam allowances on the seam side are closed with an oblique piping in the same wayas the seams of grinding its parts.
 We sew a summer cap for the baby
One of the details of the visor should be duplicated proklamelinom or flizelinom. So it will keep the form.
 We sew a summer cap for the baby
Both parts of the visor should be folded facing each other and worn around the outer seam with a 7 mm wide seam. For convenience and to avoid displacement of parts relative to each other, they can be stabbed with pins, which should be removed after turning. Seam allowance of turning should be cut with scissors, a little before reaching the line.
 We sew a summer cap for the baby
Then the seam allowance of turning the visor must be laid on its lower (non-duplicated) part. The line should be 1 mm from the seam. This operation (the so-called fluffing) will help the visor to hold the shape well.  We sew a summer cap for the baby After this, the visor must be pressed from the inside.Both layers of fabric along the attachment to the cap should be swept along the edges.
 We sew a summer cap for the baby
Ready visor should pin or take it to the cap, having it is symmetrical with respect to the middle (last stitch) seam. Then around the perimeter of the cap it is necessary to stitch the slanting inlay. To do this, it should be put on the cap face down and sewed “into the groove” (ironed fold of bei). Butt ends should be carefully stitched together. After attaching the bei, the pins that fix the visor should be removed.
We sew a summer cap for the baby
The allowance for the departure edge of the bake (just squeezed to the wrong side) should be stitched with a seam of 1-2 mm wide, as shown in photo.
 We sew a summer cap for the baby
The seam allowance stitching the bake to the cap should be set on the backing. The seam is 1-2 mm.
 We sew a summer cap for the baby
At the back of the cap, slanting tape should be swept up on the wrong side and fastened with a finishing line running to a distance of 1-1.2 cm from the stitch of its attachment.It will be a kulisk for an elastic band, thanks to which the cap will sit well on the head of the baby. After the operation, the manual auxiliary stitch must be removed.  Sew a summer cap for a baby Slanting tape should be pressed onto the wrong side of the product. Then it needs to be fixed with short machine stitches at all seams of sewing parts of the cap, as shown in the photo.  We sew a summer baby cap Then you should insert a narrow one into the drawstring. a linen gum. Its end faces must be fixed with machine stitches.  We sew a summer cap for the baby The summer cap for the baby is completely ready! It's time to get ready for a walk!
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