Seaweed Seaweed Salad

You will need
  • - 6 pcs. potato
  • - 5 pieces. carrots
  • - 2 pcs. beets
  • - 300 g of seaweed
  • - 3 leaves of dried seaweed
  • - 150 g of Adyghe cheese
  • - 200 g of hard cheese
  • - mayonnaise
  • - greenery
Boil potatoes, carrots and beets in salted water. Cool and peel.
Grate the grated potatoes and mix it with mayonnaise (you can use lean mayonnaise to make the salad more light).
Put the mass on the dish, for a more beautiful serving, you can use a culinary ring.
On top lay the broken dry algae. And the third layer is covered with sea kale. It is desirable that it was wet, it is not necessary to dry it in any way. Put quite a bit of mayonnaise on the cabbage.
Grate the beets and place in a fourth layer, covered with mayonnaise.
Adyghe cheese, grated on a fine grater, place a layer above.
This is followed by carrots mixed with mayonnaise. And complete the salad will be hard grated cheese.

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