Save your home from cockroaches with these simple tools.

Cockroaches in the house can be a real disaster. Of course, you can purchase aggressive chemicals from pests, but they may not be safe for children and pets. One little secret will help you rid the house of insects, without putting the household in dangerous conditions.

You will need:

  • Egg;
  • boric acid

At any pharmacy you can buy a bag of boric acid (you will need about 50 grams of powder). Separate the white from the yolk by mixing the latter with acid. You should have a kind of mush. Roll small balls out of it and dry them a little.

In an hour the balls will be ready - throw them around the apartment. Especially pay attention to those places where noticed the accumulation of cockroaches. The smell of yolk attracted cockroaches, and the acid will destroy pests. The final result can be seen in 3-4 weeks. After the end of this period, clean up, cleaning the house of insect residues and “treats” for them.

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