Salt-free food - the guarantee of health

It is advisable to switch to a healthy diet gradually. That is, the salt should be reduced in the diet on a pinch. After some time, the person gets used to the lack of salt, the food without it no longer seems terribly tasteless.

Salt can be successfully replaced with some sour juice, lemon is especially good. Spices, dried greens - this is also a good substitute for salt. Who does not give rest to the fact that the food is completely unsalted, they can salt the food on the table.

Vegetables and greens are composed of natural salts, so when cooking them, it is quite possible to do without cooking, which destroys vitamins (especially in delicate greens). Even those who are not going to refuse this product are also advised to cook greens without salt, so it is more delicious. Salt is a very unsuccessful substitute for sodium, which is found in potatoes, beets, sea kale. Whole grains, dried fruits are useful and equally tasty. They are also sources of natural salt.

With a healthy diet, you should avoid semi-finished products, finished meat products - they are rich not only in salt, but also in other harmful additives.We'll have to give up pickles and marinades, various kinds of ready-made sauces and bouillon cubes. It is advisable not even to look in the direction of various salty snacks: chips, cookies. Harmful and salty nuts, although they are in natural form are among the most useful delicacies.

It has long been proven that human kidneys remove only 25 grams of salt per day, which is about one tablespoon. It also takes into account sodium and chlorine, which nature has incorporated into products. This amount of salt can only remove healthy kidneys from the body.

Delayed salt in the body retains water around it and complicates the work of many organs. Having refused salt, the person is released from this excess liquid. Then it goes along the chain - the pressure decreases, the load on the heart decreases, the work of the kidneys improves, the skin breathes freely.

For the sake of this, it is worth going to a healthy diet and abandoning salt. This is not such a big sacrifice to achieve good health.

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