Salt-Based Body Scrubs

Before the procedure, the skin is best to steam out - in the shower, bath or sauna. Then the pores will open, and the dead cells will be softened, and the skin cleansing procedure will be more effective.
Salt and butter
The easiest scrub recipe is to mix salt and butter. Oil can be any: sunflower, olive or massage. Mixed in proportions of 0.5 cups of salt and 1/3 cups of oil. You need light massage movements spread scrub on the skin. Perform the procedure for about 5-10 minutes, then wash off the mixture with soap and water.
Salt and orange
One orange must be ground in a blender until smooth and mixed with 0.5 cups of salt. Do an exfoliating procedure for a few minutes and rinse with water. Salt will make the skin supple and elastic, and vitamin C will give the skin a healthy look. If you replace the orange with a lemon, then a lightening effect will also be added.
Care should be taken when exfoliating with salt. grains of salt are quite sharp and can scratch the skin.
After using salt-based body scrubs, apply a light moisturizer or body lotion on the skin, since salt has some drying effect. Therefore, salt scrubs are not recommended for dry skin.

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