Rustic style in the interior of your home (10 photos)

You always want the atmosphere of coziness, peace and comfort to reign in your house, because there you can relax, feel easy and at ease, take a break from all worldly concerns and worries.

Properly chosen interior and style of your own home, like nothing, will best help you in this matter, you can even say that the appearance of your home is a kind of reflection of a person’s personality, habits and interests.

Gently and beautifully

Rural style, to a greater extent, is suitable for those people who appreciate in the home space a kind of simplicity and dimensionality, bordering on the notes of fairy-tale and history. Such a design can better reflect the purity, warmth and comfort of your home nest, as every element of decor, every detail of furniture and decoration in it is added to a beautiful harmonious picture.

This style is very simple and almost always successfully fits into the interior of a country house or even a city apartment, and is especially often used in decorating a kitchen or living room.But in order to be able to convey the color and main features of this trend in your home, you need to understand what it is and what opportunities exist for its creation.

The tree must be present

First of all, it is important for you to understand that rural design is a fairly broad concept that has evolved over the years, slightly modified and modernized depending on the area and culture, overgrown with special features and color.

Modern design

Ukrainian country style will be significantly different from the French or American, but at the same time, in each of them you can find many common features that have united them into a common concept.

For example, the French style, or Provence, as they used to call it, is characterized by a special color scheme: turquoise, colors of the lavender field, shades of blue, yellow and pastel colors are always present.

Folk ornaments are appropriate

The absence of strict geometric shapes, smoothness of the corners, a large number of forged furniture parts, live and dried flowers - all these are features of a sweet, bright and incredibly spiritual Provence. But the Ukrainian country (as designers call a rustic style) is simple, even deliberately rough, finishing walls and floors.Such "neozheshennost" diluted with a large number of decorative elements: embroidered towels, garlic and onion bundles, wreaths of herbs and dried flowers, folk dolls and wooden shelves with painted pottery.

Each direction, separately, can be considered for a rather long time, and if someone is interested in a specific orientation towards a particular country, then it must be considered separately. But, as we have said, all varieties can unite in a common spiritual style, characterized by specific features.

Stylish living room

Distinctive features of rustic style

  • First, it concerns the general decoration of walls, ceilings and floors. In the design must necessarily prevail natural materials: wood, stone and, in rare cases, leather. Modern inventions in the form of plastic, stretch ceilings, linoleum and other elements of the overall design should be completely excluded from your everyday life. That is why, in order to create a special rustic charm, you will have to completely change the whole way of life and furnishings, as it requires drastic changes in the whole look: you can’t get away with wallpaper or elements of new furniture.But, despite such difficulties, the room, most often, turns out unpretentious and refined, subtly expressing the preferences of its owner.
  • All furniture and elements of small decor should also be made exclusively in a rustic style: solid wood cabinets, decorative scuffs and the effect of "antiquity" must be traced in almost every chair or table. Of course, furniture may not be completely wooden, enough of these facades, which, by the way, is not superfluous to decorate with carved or painted patterns. Elements of metal forging, leather upholstery of sofas or chairs, wicker are allowed.
  • A large number of crafts, unique accessories, made by hand - the best option for such design. An important role is played by simple, but at the same time bright curtains that can be made by hand, small decorative pillows, decorated with embroidery, small kitchen towels, vintage vases, an abundance of paintings and bedspreads, made with patchwork or knitted technique.
  • An important element of almost any house or apartment, decorated in a rustic style, is a home fireplace, which, of course, is not always and always possible to install, but if you can, do not miss it.

We make separate rooms of an apartment or house

If you decide to decorate the kitchen in a rustic style, then there is enough great space for imagination, because it is its designers and stylists of the world recommend to design this way. The walls in the kitchen are best laid out with decorative bricks or tiles, as an option, whitewash or paint with light pastel colors, but the space of the kitchen apron is still better to lay out with decorative tiles.

From such a room blows warm

If you have open ceilings on the ceiling in the kitchen, then it is better not to close them, but decorate them, as is often done when creating this style. On the floor, it is best to lay a parquet, a tile or, in extreme cases, a laminate similar to a wooden floor.

As we have said, the interior should be dominated by furniture made from natural materials, but it does not exclude the presence of modern kitchen appliances.

Home decoration

The design of a bedroom in a rustic style involves the creation of a room that with its warm and cozy shades can immerse a person in a state of complete relaxation and tranquility. The main element of the bedroom is a wide spacious bed with a wooden or forged patterned headboard.

Fashionable bedroom design

Pleasant enough plaids of plaids, pillowcases for pillows are welcomed, however the bed linen itself must be crystal white and attracting its softness, freshness. An important point - the creation of soft lighting with the help of floor lamps, table lamps, which are decorated with decorative fabric shades or colored glass.

Many dream of such a bedroom

If you have an old "grandmother" wooden chest, then, in no case, do not throw it away, after restoring, you will receive a unique iconic element of your room - whether it's a bedroom or a living room.

Old things can be used in the interior

Photos within the framework, handmade panels and homemade dolls, clay figurines, flowers in unusual vases, plaids of rough mating, light curtains and heavy fluffy carpets - all this will add a seamless and harmonious picture of your cozy village style.

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