Russian Meowart in the works of classical artists

Russian artist Svetlana Petrova is winning worldwide recognition of the modern Miakelangelo, organically placing her red tabby cat named Zarathustra in famous paintings of great artists.

Here is the imposing cat Petrova in the hands of the mysterious Mona Lisa, and here he is - a cunning and intelligent hero on the canvas by Cezanne “The Players in the Cards” - and these are just a few works where an artistic pussy appeared. All canvases are time-tested, highly appreciated by generations of the work of great artists, but according to Svetlana, something they lacked. What exactly? - her thick fluffy dandy - Zarathustra the cat!

Using modern photography and computer graphics skills, Petrova solved this problem. And now the whole world is admiring her cat playing cards in the picture of Cezanne, lazily stretching over Damien Hirst's aquarium in which the shark swims .. In her recently published book Fat Cat Art (Fat Cat Art), Svetlana wrote: “Zarathustra - very sensitive nature.

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:36 / Views: 84344

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