Rowan is the savior of the harvest: we get rid of mold in the cellar

The beginning of autumn is the time to prepare the cellar for laying the new crop. You always want your stocks to be kept as good as possible. In this case, the ideal is not always achieved. In the cellar by designation should be cool, and where the coolness is a great chance of dampness and mold. There are a lot of ways to get rid of such a misfortune, starting from whitewashing and finishing with a sulfur checker by fumigation. Meanwhile, there is a unique, absolutely harmless and does not require any investment of the people's method.

Popular wisdom to help cellar owners

Mold - the scourge of damp and poorly ventilated areas. That is why, long before the laying of a new crop, the cellar tried to air out and, if possible, arrange a draft in it. It is afraid of mold and vodka, but only irrigate the walls with precious sprays of a strong drink, some will consider blasphemous.Although to handle problem areas already affected by mold, which looks like lumps of cotton, it would not hurt.

It will help in the fight against mold ordinary rowan. It can be used as a preventive measure or to neutralize an existing mold. More ecological method simply does not exist! To hang a cluster of mountain ash in the cellar or simply to scatter a few twigs over the potato and other vegetables will not be difficult.

It is important to take into account that chokeberry for these purposes is unsuitable.

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