Romantic Card

There is no better gift made by own hands, this opinion is shared by many. After all, in such a gift you put your soul. If you want to give your soulmate a pleasant surprise for the day of lovers or just like that, this master class is just for you. I will describe how to make a romantic card with your own hands.
 Romantic card
From the attributes we need: red cardboard and red colored paper, colored pencils or pens, glue, stickers of hearts, scissors.
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Inside our cards we will do surround the heart. To make it, you need to cut off a strip of red paper and bend it with an accordion. This accordion needs to be bent in half. Now you need to make 3 more such blanks, each next one should be smaller than the previous one. ="text-align: center;">Romantic card
Bend the cardboard sheet in half.For convenience, you can put all the blanks on our future postcard and cut them under the heart shape around the edges.
 Romantic card
Next we glue our accordion to the cardboard, but only the bottom layer .
 Romantic card
Here we have such a beautiful volumetric heart.
 Romantic card
You can color the card inside or write a wish. On the front side, you can decorate with stickers with hearts and stick the letters cut from the magazine (LOVE).
 Romantic Postcard
Romantic Postcard Here's the postcard and ready !
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