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What curtains to choose for the bedroom. Useful tips.

When choosing the curtains for the bedroom, you can focus exclusively on your own tastes. In this special room, where outsiders are rarely allowed, it is possible to carry out the most ambitious plans for interior design. Almost everything is permissible if only innovative solutions do not interfere with sleep. In short, do not lose sight of the functional side of the issue.

Night or day? We decide for yourself.

The schedule for the onset of the dark time of the day in your bedroom should be determined solely by your desires. Lightning fast turn day into night will help dense curtain fabrics, blinds or opaque roller blinds. Classic curtains is desirable to complement the openwork tulle, which scatters the sun's rays. Day-night pleated blinds also perfectly regulate natural light.

Noise - a decisive "no."

To protect against extraneous noise, drapes are sewn on a lining. But even with a lining, only very thick curtains made of materials such as velvet, brocade or satin can become effective sound insulation for a bedroom.

Color therapy for complete relaxation.

Maximum relaxation is the goal to be achieved. That is why, the color of curtains should not be exciting or annoying in any way. Even if you are a fan of bright orange or canary yellow, it is better to step on the throat of your own song. In the bedroom, extreme colors are completely out of place. Pastel colors are more favorable for the human nervous system: beige, peach or blue. Relevant to the natural shades of green, blue and brown as close as possible.

Excellent multi-layered curtains from a variety of colors. For example, beige and brown, white and beige, burgundy and pale pink. According to the recommendations of experts in the field of interior, the room looks more harmonious if the curtains are a little lighter than the color scheme of the room.

Designers recommend.

  • Curtains must match the style of bedspreads (or cushions, rollers and other textile accessories).
  • Light curtains for the bedroom visually increase the room of small size, thick - provide the opposite effect.
  • Lambrequins should not be used in rooms with low ceilings, they will be perceived even lower.
  • In the bedroom, the curtains should not be contrasted in color with the floor and walls.
  • In order to arrange one room, it is desirable to use at least six different types of textiles. And you can even more.
  • Check with a specialist before turning on bright red or white flowers. They are quite aggressive.

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