Ring saw from a tin can

Ring saw from a tin can
How I needed to make a hole in a plastic of large diameter. Buying a ring nozzle on the drill was not terribly beneficial for just one hole. Especially since I know that later it definitely won't be useful to me. And I came up with the idea of ​​making a drill from a can of canned beans. I'll show you a way to make such a drill for a large diameter, with which you can make holes in plastic, plywood, drywall and other soft and thin materials. Benefit now in the store you can buy cans of various diameters - from beans, olives, peaches, etc. So pick up a tedious diameter for you should not be difficult. Anything is better and cheaper than throwing 10 bucks for a one-time saw at one time.

Opening a can

We are looking for a diameter in the store that interests you. Then open the jar. We take out the product and rinse the jar with water,so that it is clean.
Hole Saw

Grind the sharp edge inside

Hole hole saw
Using a grinding tool, we grind off a sharp groove inside the can that formed after opening.

Drill a hole

Hole Saw
Exactly along the centers, drill a hole in the bottom of the can. First we go through the smallest diameter, and then the largest. These steps will add accuracy, so do not drill a large drill right away.

Cut the teeth

To cut the teeth I used an engraving machine with a nozzle, but this can be done with a hand tool, say, a hacksaw .
Hole Saw

Sharpening a bolt and installing a centering pin

Take a long bolt with nuts that are 5-6 inches longer than a can. Spill head and sharpen one side under the edge.
Hole Saw
Then fix the bolt in the bottom of the can.Tighten the nuts on both sides. Hole Saw
Hole hole saw
On both sides of the bolt attachment, fill the nuts with hot glue.
Ring saw from a tin can
Tin hole saw

Large diameter drill tests

Ring saw from a tin can
Ring saw from a tin canRing saw from a tin can Our drill is ready! You made your hole saw effortlessly and above all the costs! Now you can cut plastic, acrylic and drywall. Before drilling holes in anything, use a regular drill to drill a hole in the center so that you can it was the bolt of our fixture. This tool is ideal if you need to cut several holes in the materials mentioned above and not to spend extra money.
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