Richard Aiken dreamed of living near nature all his life, but he decided to do it just now

65-year-old Richard Aiken dreamed all his life to live next to nature, but he decided to do it just now."Children have grown up, and you can finally think about yourself"- said the 65-year-old Richard Aiken to his friend and began to look for a country plot to settle there. At the same time, the man thought that such a venture would hit the spot. However, his friend found a collapsed shack, which is sold for almost nothing.

There was no roof in the building at all, and the frame was completely rotten. Despite this, Richard paid $ 100 for the shack and began to plan how to turn it into a cozy, decent house for living.

To begin with, the man sorted the remaining pieces of wood for further construction.

The location was perfect and fantastically beautiful!

The family of Richard found a spring here.

They dug a pond and made a beautiful extension.

Now it's time to rebuild the hut.

The type of construction the new owner of the house was going to leave the same, but it was not so easy ...

He made shingles from cedar, and white oak used for joints with the floor.

Richard made a frame for the fireplace

From the holes in the wall, the Richard family got rid of using a fine mesh

Doors and windows designed by a professional carpenter

Great, isn't it?

During the day the house is illuminated in a natural way. Electricity is only used at night.

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