Rice pancakes with cottage cheese and caramel filling

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Flour (rice)1 stackWheat flour (top grade)0.5 stackButter100 gramsOlive oil50 millilitersSugar50 grams1 tspBaking powder1 tspCream1 stackChicken eggs3 piecesLemon (juice and zest)1 pieceCottage cheese100 gramsCondensed milk (boiled)0.5 cans1 pinch
For decoration
Powdered sugar
  • Servings:

Ordinary pancakes, however, in the rice solution! And the filling of the banal boring cottage cheese transformed into airy caramel dessert. For a sweet Shrovetide - perfect.


Sift rice and wheat flour, mix with soda, salt and baking powder.

Beat eggs with sugar and cream, beat warm melted butter and olive oil.

Add portions of flour, beating smooth smooth dough.

Bake pancakes in a hot pan, turning them over with a silicone spatula, as rice flour gives airy friability.

Along the edges of each hot pancake to walk a piece of butter.Put the pancakes in a pile and give them a little rest after frying.

Prepare the filling: beat the cottage cheese with a blender, add the juice and zest of one lemon, boiled condensed milk - beat it again well.

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