Ribbon embroidery


Shorts, embroidered with ribbons

Ribboned Shorts

Perhaps, every person can find old clothes, which have long been asking for scrap. Often, people immediately throw out old blouses, shirts and jeans instead of giving them a second life. This master class will help not only
Merry sunflowers

Funny Sunflowers

Recently, wandering aimlessly around a needlework store, I came across one funny and warm picture. It was a motive of sunflowers on a napkin for decoupage. And before that she liked me, that I immediately decided to reproduce as a picture.
Napkin with embroidered roses

Napkin with embroidered roses

Embroidery ribbons - this is one of the most original and exciting types of needlework. Products decorated with such embroidery look very rich and, at first glance, difficult. However, this impression is deceptive. I will reveal to you the secret of creating such an elegant
Velvet Money Bag

Velvet Money Pouch

Many people hide money in envelopes, piggy banks or books in order to save money for your favorite thing, being fascinated by the Feng Shui style, I know for sure that money should be folded into something beautiful and expensive, bills should be convenient and pleasant.

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