Reconstruction of "Khrushchev" in German

In the 60s of the last century, active high-rise panel building was carried out throughout the USSR. However, this did not happen only in the Soviet Union. On the territory of the GDR, you can also see such buildings that are already in need of repair. In some cities, local authorities decided not to demolish such a plan at home, and launched the reconstruction process, reincarnating the old "Khrushchev" in the chic modern houses.

Architect Stefan Forster (Stefan Forster Architekten) is engaged in the transformation of such houses in the framework of the Regeneration East project. The project involved two small towns, Leinefelde and Halle. Stefan was able to show that gray five-story buildings can become attractive and modern housing.

As the architect himself says:

If we approach these characteristic areas in terms of space, we will see that there are no future panel houses. My task is to transform the existing space into a humane, worthy of life. We came to the conclusion that if something was done with the five-story buildings, they should be transformed into something completely different.The system is as follows: we broke or transformed two blocks and built a new one between them, where people gradually moved. The population there is mostly elderly, so it was necessary that the new housing fit their lifestyle. But for the future, I still hoped that new homes would attract young people there too. We found that these panel buildings show greater flexibility, and this can be used.

The layout of the apartments can be quite flexible, in several projects the architect applied “units” or blocks of 3 apartments. In one of them, the planning takes into account the possibilities of the disabled and the elderly, for whom Forster rebuilt the post-war house. The apartments tried to remove all possible barriers to free movement in a wheelchair.

From the balcony overlooking the not yet reconstructed "socket".

Project №2.

An important step that Stefan Forster decided to take is to lower the height of buildings, which is quite rational - there are still no elevators, and there is no sense to attach them. from this increases the cost of rent.

As for redecoration, all the gray buildings familiar to everyone began to play with bright and saturated colors, but the brick fences began to protect the quiet and comfortable life of the residents. There are houses in which even the balconies and loggias have been renovated.

The same principles were applied in the reconstruction of this house.

Each house is equipped with its own playground and trash can, which is fenced from strangers and locked. Every house tenant has a key, which is very useful. Since in this case, the tenants will be able to throw garbage only in their tanks within their own yard. They also paid attention to the interior decoration of the entrances. They were painted in bright colors and equipped with modern equipment. Now every such house looks much cozier, more modern, more comfortable.

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