Recommendations for the care of knitwear

In order for your favorite things to last for a long time, you should follow a few simple rules in caring for them.

Knitwear made of wool, cotton, chemical fibers and blends can be washed in water at a temperature not higher than 40 ° C with the addition of a soft active agent intended for washing knitwear.

If you visit afabric store, you chose knitwear, remember it is best to erase by hand - this will help avoid the appearance of the “pellet”. Detergents containing bio-additives (enzymes), bleach, colored granules, alkalis and their compounds are not recommended.

Soak knitwear can be in cool water for no more than 20 minutes. Squeezing products should be gently, not twisting. Dry them best on a horizontal surface. It is recommended to iron things from the wrong side, heating the iron not higher than 110 ° С.

Silk Care

When you go to thefabric storefor silk, you should know some features of taking care of it. For example, natural silk can shed even during normal washing. This material can only be washed by hand in cool water. Silk products are not recommended to be rubbed and twisted. After washing clothes should be rinsed in cold water with the addition of vinegar, this will return the colors to brightness. All silk products have the ability to absorb moisture, the volume of which is equal to half of their weight. At the same time they dry very quickly. If sweat stains appear on the fabric, they can be removed with alcohol. Dry silk should be away from radiators, avoiding direct sun rays. To iron silk products should be wet from the wrong side.

Care for Viscose Clothes

Depending on the type of treatment, viscose can externally resemble cotton, silk and even wool. Today, almost everyfabric storesells viscose in a wide range. It perfectly absorbs moisture, but in this state it loses its strength. Therefore, products made of viscose require particularly careful washing.They can be washed in warm water (not above 40 ° C) with the addition of mild detergents. After rinsing things are not recommended to unscrew. Ironing is performed at a temperature of 150 ° C with humidification (the position of the thermostat is "silk").

Care for woolen things

Wool retains heat well and does not wrinkle much. To get rid of "jams" enough to sprinkle it with water and allow to dry. Wash woolen things should be done manually or on a delicate mode in a washing machine with the addition of special detergents and shampoos. Washed things do not squeeze, but simply laid out on a flat surface. Iron the wool through a damp cloth. Going to afabric store, you can find a huge variety of wool and blended fabrics.

Small tricks for grooming:

- if six are yellowed, to restore the color you need to hold it for a day in cold water with lemon slices;

- to create arrows and folds, the surface should be moistened with soap and vinegar and ironed through the fabric;

- the stained spots can be removed by ironing the thing through the gauze dipped in a weak solution of vinegar.

Linen Care

If you prefer clothes made from natural materials, goto a fabric storefor flax. Products made of linen have a matte shine and a smooth surface, do not rumple, are strong, do not get dirty, absorb moisture well, relatively quickly dry. The only drawback of flax is the high crushing ability. Therefore, flaxen clothes are ironed in a wet state with a well-heated iron. Washing flax is made at high temperatures. Flax can even boil. It is recommended to wash colored linen items at a temperature not higher than 60 ° С.

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