Pumpkin casserole in a slow cooker for losing weight

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Pumpkin200 gramsCottage cheese150 gramsOat flakes60 gramsChicken eggs1 pieceSunflower seed10 grams
  • Servings:
  • Preparation time:3 minutes
  • Cooking time:40 minutes

A simpler recipe is hard to find. We recommend doing all these manipulations in the evening, then in the morning you can sleep a little longer. So.

Cooking method:

The first step is to prepare a pumpkin. Imagine that you have already cleaned it and cut it into cubes. Now put it on a plate, close with cling film (you need to make a couple of holes in it to let the steam out) - and send it in the microwave for 5−10 minutes.

In the meantime, in a glass blender unload oatmeal, cottage cheese and egg. You can add sweetener type stevia. And mix all this well until smooth.

By this moment the pumpkin will be ready. Add it to the total mass and once again walk the blender. All!

You load in the crock-pot, we sprinkle with sunflower seeds and in the "Baking" mode leave minutes for 40 minutes.If you bake in the oven, 20-25 minutes is enough.

Serve with sour cream and honey - this option is loved by men and children. And if you stick to a diet, you can refrain from sunflower seeds.

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