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In the article you will find tips on how to spend a class hour interesting. Both general recommendations for the class teacher and specific ideas for thematic class hours are given: conducting a lesson on charity, forgiveness.
An article about how to get knowledge, that is, exactly where they are given. It will be about preschool institutions, about the school and its extremely important influence on adulthood, as well as about various courses that may be useful to you.
The article explains what antonyms are. Their classification is given (multiroot and single-root, usual and contextual). The meaning of the term antithesis is revealed.
The article shows how to make an analysis of a poem in a literature class. Pay attention also to the comparative analysis. With the help of this memo, the analysis of the poem will not be a burden, but a joy.
Our article talks about what is alliteration, examples are also given. This technique is often found in Russian proverbs, sayings, patters and in poems.Details read on.
This article will talk about what is immunity, what is its classification (congenital and acquired, natural and artificial). It will be a question of the system of humoral and cellular immunity.
The article will tell about the verb - an independent part of speech, denoting an action or state. We will talk about the categories of the verb and its forms. Some categories are described in detail. In this way, you will have an idea of ​​what a verb is.
The article will discuss what is orthoepy. The following questions will be considered: what underlies this area of ​​phonetics, where did the name of this section of linguistics come from, what are the main features of the pronunciation of vowels and consonants, as well as their combinations in Russian.
The article is dedicated to professionalism. This concept is considered in two aspects: as a property of an employee and as a linguistic term. The reader will learn what professionalism is in the professional field and in linguistics.
The article defines the concept of "comedy." You will learn what comedy is in literature and cinema.Perhaps you recall any works of this genre. The article mentions comedies by Shakespeare, Bernard Shaw, Moliere, Chekhov, Gogol and other authors. Movies of Gaidai, Menshov and Ryazanov are mentioned.

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