Preparing for the exam on the history of Russia

Preparing for the exam on the history of RussiaBefore the start of the Unified State Exam in Russia, there are about three months left and therefore, those who have not yet begun to prepare for the exam, those should hurry. According to statistics for the past year, the USE on the history of Russia passes a fairly large number of graduates who subsequently wish to enroll in universities in the humanitarian field. But one should not forget that the history of Russia is a very extensive material, which is sometimes interpreted differently in various textbooks or manuals. Therefore, it is best to use textbooks recommended by the FIPI, the official website: and an open task bank: -zadaniy-ege

How to prepare for the exam on the history of Russia

Preparing for the exam on the history of Russia

There are several ways to prepare for the history exam:

  1. Book in advance for preparatory courses, which are necessarily held in various higher educational institutions. At these courses the graduate will receive the necessary amount of required knowledge, which, of course, will help him successfully write and pass the USE.Also, when entering the university, which conducts preparatory courses, additional points will be added to the total number of points on the EGE
  2. In preparing for the exam in history, you can use the services of private tutors who will deal with the graduate individually. With this method of preparation is a responsible approach to the choice of a tutor.
  3. Thoroughly prepare for the exam on the history of Russia can be independently. In this case, the main condition for successful preparation is the desire and perseverance of the graduate.

Preparing for the exam on the history of Russia

How to prepare yourself for the State Exam on the history of Russia. Helpful Tips

The scope of questions and assignments on the Unified State Exam in the history of Russia is quite extensive and includes questions not only of the graduating classes, but also questions connected with the material of the 5th and 6th grades. Therefore, for successful self-preparation for the Unified State Exam in the history of Russia in 2015, a graduate is required to:

  • Motivation for success
  • Having a basic knowledge of history
  • Elimination of gaps in knowledge
  • Systematization and repetition of the material studied

So, if you are confident of success, then in order to achieve an excellent result, it remains only to use our recommendations:

  1. It is recommended to work out the tasks of past years, which you will find here and the test tasks of 2015 in online mode here. Thanks to this kind of work, you will be able to understand the structure of assignments and assess your level of knowledge, as well as analyze and evaluate your level of training.
  • It is necessary to draw up a plan for the repetition and study of educational material, according to which to proceed with the repetition and study of the necessary material
  • Be sure to keep a chronological table in which you should record the main dates, historical events and the names of historical figures. These notes will serve as clues and provide an opportunity to quickly repeat the material studied.
  • It is advisable to pass a trial written test of the exam of the Russian history of 2015. Firstly, testing will show gaps in knowledge, and secondly, it will provide psychological support to the graduate
  • To increase the level of knowledge, it is recommended to read historical books and watch documentary historical films, thanks to which the graduate will receive a deeper understanding of historical moments in the development of Russia
  • A week before passing the EGE on the history of Russia, it is recommended to repeat the material before the 18th century - tests here, and then 19-20 centuries - tests here and on

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