Pregnant or just a cake? Lindsay Lohan showed tummy

The actress is having fun on the island of Mykonos, where she went to celebrate her birthday.

July 2 scandalous Lindsay turned 32 years old. The girl decided to celebrate the date with her family and friends: along with her mother and sisters, she drove off to the Greek island of Mykonos. Photos, stories with stories about how the family spends time, multiply like mushrooms. Lindsay even handed herself the title of queen of the island. But attention is focused not so much on the glamorous lifestyle of the sisters, as on the figure of the birthday girl.

Paparazzi managed to take off Lindsey twice: once, when she just arrived on the island, the second - on the birthday itself. For the celebration, the actress chose an ultra-short shiny dress, which not so much emphasized her outstanding forms, as she focused attention on her stomach. It looks, let's say, not at all flat.

Lindsay Lohan, latest news
Photo: LegionMedia

However, maybe it's not about pregnancy at all? After all, it's the same birthday, cake and other excesses.Maybe Lindsay just ate well. Especially since the day before she laid out a photo in a bikini - and her tummy was in perfect order. Unless, of course, the photo is not from the archive.

Lindsay Lohan, latest news
Photo: @lindsaylohan

In addition, as far as the media has learned, Lindsay is now completely alone: ​​neither the boyfriend, nor the groom. And for a long time. After parting with her lover from Russia, the girl pretended to be dating a wealthy Greek, but even the rumors about their romance quickly faded away.

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