Potato "Frayt" new discovery in cooking

Fryt potatoes boiled in a saturated (hypertonic) salt solution

Potatoes cooked in this way are not boiled soft, very tasty (it tastes like baked, but tastes better), it turns out to be more dense than boiled, and therefore does not fall apart in a salad, very well preserved even in heat (up to 5 days), t. e. comfortable on the road. And preparing in just 20 minutes.

Soak potatoes in cold water for 5-10 minutes to soak up the dried ground. Then rinse thoroughly under running water with a soft washcloth. It is not necessary to clean - we will cook "in uniform".

Put the potatoes in a stainless or enameled pan, pour cold water over it so that it covers the potatoes. Pour salt - approximately 300-400 grams per liter of water. Do not be afraid of this amount of salt - there will be no excess salt in the finished potato! Perhaps, when serving, it will have to be salted a little more. I poured - 300g of salt and poured one liter of cold water.

Put the pan on a high heat and bring to a boil. It does not matter if the salt is not completely dissolved in boiling water. If the salt dissolves all - add more. Let there be a slight excess of not dissolved salt. After boiling, cook under a tightly closed lid (!) With a sufficiently intense boil, but so that there is no splashing in all directions. When boiling, the potatoes will sizzle, as if they were fried in oil - water boils away from it. Stir every 5 minutes so that the potatoes floating on top are below the liquid layer.

15-20 minutes after boiling, medium-sized potatoes will be ready. If you continue cooking further (even up to 50 minutes), the potatoes will not digest, the rind will not begin to crack. The longer the cooking continues, the denser the flesh turns out, which is convenient for the salad and for better safety on the road.

I decided to experiment and starting from the 20th minute, every 5 minutes I pulled out one potato from me 10pcs. and so up to 50 minutes of cooking and pick up the cooking time, which you like more (the longer the potatoes are boiled, the smaller and denser it becomes).I liked potatoes more than 30 minutes more.

When the potatoes are ready, turn off the heat and into the dish. Do not let the potatoes swim in the cooling fluid after turning off the fire!
If you are going to eat it immediately, rinse briefly with cold water, let it cool for a while, peel and serve.

If potatoes are for salad, let them cool completely before cleaning. Salad with such potatoes is much tastier!
If you are cooking potatoes for storage without a refrigerator (on the road, etc.) - do not rinse! Hot potatoes will dry almost instantly, covered with a thin layer of dry salt, long (many days), protecting from spoilage even in the heat. It is clear that I rinsed 3 potatoes under the cold water and one of them was simply taken out of the saline solution and left to cool.
After cooking do not pour out the solution! You can use it multiple times (up to hundreds of times), sometimes adding a little water in return for the boiled out during cooking. (When there is too much salt left in the boiling solution during cooking) After cooling the solution, a large amount of salt will fall to the bottom.Put the potatoes in a cold solution, quickly bring to a boil. The precipitated salt will dissolve again when heated.

But since I have a salad today without potatoes, I decided to bake this potato with stuffing for this all just like three rubles !!! Cut. In the middle of the garlic press down, a spoonful of sour cream and a piece of cheese on top.

All in the oven to rudeness.

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