Postcards of interesting shape for March 8th

Already very soon, with the arrival of a bright and flourishing season, we are visited by a holiday beloved by all women of the world, the day of March 8th. This holiday is blooming and very bright, because a bouquet of spring flowers that men give to their women always comes to the house of every woman. Congratulations strew women everywhere, both at work and at home. Therefore, every woman is pleased to receive gifts from everyone. But we should not forget that not only women should expect congratulations from men, but also women themselves, of course, congratulate each other. It does not matter that it will be the most important small attention, some trifle, as they say, any trifle, but the most important thing is that it be presented with a soul. Mostly women's gifts for each other on March 8 are small postcards that you can not just buy, but also do it yourself, it will be twice as nice. And it will be interesting and informative for you to learn this, and your girlfriends will be very pleased with such spiritual wishes. This master class on making small cards for March 8 in the form of eights and hearts will be useful. We need to take the following for the master class: • Salatnevy, pink and red cardboard; • Watercolor A4 paper; • • Small pictures with different animals and bouquets of flowers; • • Inscriptions printed and stamped: “ on the holiday of spring "," I congratulate "," March 8 "; • Green and pink pillows with ink for toning; • Cardboard patterns of the eight and the heart; • Circles of different colors and sizes from cutting;• Paper flowers of peach, red, blue and pink colors; • Narrow satin ribbons of the same colors with polka dots; Stamens in sugar and nacreous pink, lettuce, white; • Stamp with a flower and an acrylic block; • • Glue gun; • • Scissors, pencil, double-sided tape, PVA glue.
Postcards of interesting form
 need to take
To begin with, what we do, take cardboard templates and apply them to cardboard, circle two figures side by side to make it difficult th postcard.We make the basics of both eights and hearts.
 take the cardboard templates
 we take cardboard templates
Now each piece we fold them in half, we get these ready-made basics of postcards.
 ready-made bases of cards
The second thing we do is use watercolor paper and also cut hearts and eights for interior decoration of postcards.
 ready-made bases of cards
 toniruem pink ink
Partially toning with pink ink, and an hour adic green. Immediately you can glue in the basics of cards with double-sided tape in the center.
 toniruem pink inks
 we will cut
NowWe will cut out two blanks for each postcard from scrapbook.
 we will cut
 we will cut
On the backs of the base we glue on the figure eight and the heart immediately , and the front parts will decorate. We glue openwork circles, we glue them on them just above the picture, and below the pictures we glue the greeting inscriptions. Sewing all the parts on a typewriter.
 we will cut
Sticking and front parts to the base and sew on the edges separately back and front parts of each postcard .
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